The penis varicose veins: why and what will lead to appear?

The most common diseases, varicose veins, lower extremity, but sometimes it can hit other organs – specifically, the male penis.

Definition and development of mechanisms

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Vienna directly to the functioning of the penis and erection blood churn because they are of great importance in the accession process for internal tissues.

Penis the male organ with plenty of veins and arteries – precisely for that reason they will be given a strong sexual arousal of the skin on the surface.

This is a normal phenomenon, but in a healthy male, veins and blood vessels 2-4 mm in diameter at the most, a light blue tint.

If the same appearance, color or intensity of development that is changing in any way the veins may be the first sign that different pathologies including varicose veins, the penis.

As is the development of a mechanism of the lower extremities varicose – veins and blood vessels distort and tense, can produce unpleasant effects.

Causes and risk factors

The main reasons of the development of this pathology include:

  • and the body groin injury, especially of the head;
  • spoon the presence of tumor, varicocele, lower extremity thrombophlebitis and other diseases, reduce blood circulation and state vessels and veins;
  • often delay urination, which leads to long-term compression, the negative effect on the sector the veins of the penis;
  • genetic predisposition (weak penis in some men Vienna panes, which can lead to the formation of the seals, to expand the blood vessels and tissue damage);
  • surgical intervention in the area of penis, scrotum, and testes – arrival may be complications such as processes;
  • irregular sexual intercourse, leading to inflammation and infectious diseases;
  • the excessive fascination with self-love: such a course is getting old, this may cause the pelvic organs in the blood and internship;
  • use of non-traditional sexual techniques that delay ejaculation ima.


In the first stage, I don't feel any symptoms of the disease are usually men – penis appear small bumps and veins protruding slightlyfrom tendon to get sick many.

With the development of the impacts of the disease becomes more, and gradually the body is deformed. Then, in some places, hardened plots occur some bleeding under the skin, usually in a localized area of the head.

Danger and complications

As a result, the health of the patient, and even his sexual life the penis does not arrival, but in fact you should be vigilant of its development and a man. Says circulatory disorders in the body, and especially in the pubic area and even varicocele can cause infertility.

Also, you may alter the appearance of the penis psychological problems that may cause serious representatives of the stronger sex.


The first symptom of a disease violation a body aestheticthat is characterized by the emergence and tubercle of the disease, the amount of increases over time.

Other featured destination of your penis include:

  • the sensation of pain, discomfort and tingling penis, and the erection initially and then in other cases (e.g., physical exertion);
  • warm skin burning and during sexual intercourse due to vaginal dryness women;
  • strong veins, swelling of penis: the erection, an intense, versatile movement of his own mind and under the skin similar to a thick tendon;
  • swelling of the affected area;
  • color changes of the skin with the penis is pinkish purple-red color, veins themselves: cyanotic color;
  • petechial bleeding and small blood clots, good under the skin is palpable.

When a doctor?

Any pathology associated with erectile function and sexual diseases represents a serious psychological trauma for men, and most of them try to solve the problem yourself or not, note that.

This may be a serious mistake, therefore, any changes in this area of the penis and the veins discomfort the patient immediately consult a doctor-phlebologist. Also, in this case the Advisory may be required urologist, dermatologist and surgeon.



Expansion vessels the penis is not a serious problem a specialist for diagnosis. Diagnosis is done by the next algorithm:

  • story listening and patient complaints;
  • visual inspection of troubled areas (sometimes an artificial erection why men who have integrity);
  • Providing ULTRASOUND to assess blood to the affected areas;
  • input with contrast venography in cases of held, touched, when there is a risk of internal varicose veins.

May be if you suspect the result of pathology, infection, or inflammation, the patient is appropriate for research: blood tests, urine, cum, etc.

Differential diagnosis of the disease spend an exception to peyronie's disease have similar symptoms to.


No specific treatment of this pathology don't, also for the treatment of lower limb varicose veins and thrombophlebitis drugs in this case is not recommended.

Get rid of it in the early stages of the disease with folk remedies (e.g., gels and ointments prepared, plant-based). The explosion of the veins ointment treatment is usually heparin, but safe if it does not, the effect for 3 days, and removes excessive blood better lp will make you an expert for help.

In these cases, as the disease progresses, the patient is assigned to conservative treatment, ima fasting, sexual contact, and drugs , especially non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants and local. To reduce a pain syndrome as possible, non-narcotic analgesics.

Sometimes the disease applied for treatment of leech therapy, leech therapy, but this method is controversial and not a valid alternative methods.

If you have related readings (often ineffective conservative treatment or recurrent) patients to be performed the operation of phlebotomy is titled, ima bandages affected excision and varicose veins.

Genital surgical procedures are performed and the surgeon deals easy. The recovery period takes approximately two weeks – after this period, the male to return to a satisfying sex life.


Arrival prevention penis, like the lies of any other similar diseases by regularly (but not excessive) reliable partners with your sex life normal sex-related risk factors for varicose veins, and, on the contrary, strengthens vessels and improves blood circulation.

Joining a foreign woman relationship and personal protection you need to use birth control pills not necessarily. This non-traditional sexual methods should be treated with great care, especially, however, imply the use of gel-anesthesia to prolong sexual intercourse.

Men's the penis of arrival to avoid a properly chosen, it is recommended for wear underwear, not to get a very hot bath, sit, squat, and busy light sports.

In addition, more serious disorders can cause the disease pathology that speaks about blood flow, therefore , the patient go to a physician and the necessary research.