During exercise arrival:, and cannot, exercises

However, sometimes it looks obvious blue mesh on the legs, henceforth arrival intense physical activity is the main reason why the sensation of discomfort and pain in the legs,. And then the question arises: exercise during arrival?

Consider how compatible the sport and the arrival, and the arrival of exercise for what it could be.

arrival during exercise

Sports and varicose veins: a good idea?

The change type called modern medicine arrival in the veins of significant expansion, increasing the superficial veins and is accompanied by impaired blood flow. This is a disease according to statistics, the most common patient woman brings a lot of hassle: venous mesh on both feet, not just looks extremely ugly and the accompanying painful sensations, which causes it to emerge at the same time a dangerous disease, thrombophlebitis.

However, varicose veins, unlike emerging, according to the reason for this failure sports. Sports and varicose veins are quite compatible concepts, exercises selected correctly, has the ability to stimulate blood vessels to improve the blood circulation of the disease progression and development.

Was not a friend to the sport, the arrival of an enemy, a set of rules that you must abide by:

  1. Exercise intensity into account. The main rule when doing sports arrival – better, easier, but more often. Therefore, increasing the number of Representatives is not a lot of that involves increased intensity, perform the exercise the difficulty and speed of them.
  2. Select "proper exercise". Varicose of the lower extremities during exercise shouldn limited power loads. The best option is a disease that is similar to the ones you will have any rotation and flexion, ankle, knee and hip joints, exercise type, and "toe-heel", "scissors" and "bicycle".
  3. May be in the form of. To soften a shock wave when running or jumping you need to take care in the selection of the "right" shoes and clothes. The arrival of experts that attracts people, to give preference to sports shoes "air bag". Additionally, this shoes should not be close to, otherwise that could be causing this disorders, blood flow in the legs. The venous walls of the leg and the high voltage selection of experts to maintain the compression underwear. It's not only useful but also beautiful.

Train Vienna: what to choose?

Arrival motor activity that has great importance. However, each exercise may be useful on arrival. So, attracting people with a similar disease, busy experts for advice, step-Aerobic, because it gives a huge load can cause severe leg pain and discomfort in the legs; and callanetics-based static load of power that lie. Here's the arrival, when doing sports, on the contrary, according to emerging, on the contrary, that can be useful, of course, the people under the supervision of a fitness instructor and recommended him for hanging load.

Leading experts to suggest the arrival of the coach, and yoga and pilates recommended to give preference to the slow and measured study. At the same time, contrary to most of the exercise carried out in this direction constitutes.

Arrival is at least useful distance. Measured and cheerful, that will improve your blood circulation, preventing leg and superior in arrival. Has a similar effect, and cycling. The bike is a great man exercises, veins decrease blood begin to circulate faster, causing a circular motion with events related to venous blood stagnation.

However, the most beneficial will be the destination, water exercise, especially water aerobics and swimming. There is no water because of their activity, toning and improving venous Nov them a significant pressure output. Also, any exercise in the water, including the ones forbidden in the land.

Gymnastics arrival at a distance

Contraindicated arrival in the intensive sport load, there is a private gym that provides a tension leg, blood circulation eliminate venous blood to normal internship, therefore, to get rid of a sneaky disease. Which exercises should do arrival? Imagine about varicose in the legs complex exercise.

Exercise in a standing position

standing exercise
  1. Up putting on exactly the feet are parallel to each other. Yuksel socks and descend to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 20-25 times.
  2. Walk, walk, heels alternately by gender, ski socks and step (without removing the surface is a stop). The day 3-5 minutes on foot.

In a position to exercise

  1. Sit in a chair, remove the feet clockwise turn left foot on the ground (15-20 rotation), then in the opposite direction. Finally, do a similar exercise and right foot.
  2. And tight bend in a sitting position, at the foot of them trying to grab a surface. Save tension in the fingers pre-fatigue. Then sit back, relax and repeat this exercise a few more times.

Exercise lying on your back

  1. Bend your knees and lying on her back when the dream of a bike pedal. By doing this exercise it is very important that correct until the end of the legs.
  2. Lying on your back, pull your legs toward your chest, straighten them, hold, and release slowly. Exercise repeat 5-8 times.
  3. Please The horizontal position, extended hands to throughout the body. Lift the foot, and two of them start from the ground level, a work by mimicking scissors. The rhythm and speed of the workouts you have set for yourself note, however, should remain all the time to breath properly.

As you can see, the arrival that requires great physical effort during this exercise, very easy you can perform them at home. The first symptom of disease, they are extremely useful and accurate, you may have to regularly perform the prevention work and, on arrival, arrival signs of the aggravation of keeping for a long time.