Варикозе of useful products

Варикозе a proper nutrition plays a huge role, and as part of a common treatment in the treatment of disease. To adapt a particular diet and the control diet will help with signs of an active struggle not only arrive, but to improve the general condition of the body.

Vitamins and варикозе a useful article

A very big restriction, not on such a diet, the important thing is to do your diet is balanced and helpful. The feeding may cause malnutrition and failure of certain rules of Can aggravate, the disease is significantly slow the healing process.

Vitamins and варикозе a useful article

There are a number of vitamin which helps reduce the symptoms of the diseases and strengthens the blood vessel walls:

  • vitamin C rich citrus in them products such as sea buckthorn, strawberry, rosehip, gooseberry, currant, bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, parsley, dill;
  • routine, this products like orange, lemon, rose, currant, tea, nuts;
  • Vitamin E promote elasticity of the veins, Yesil them rich onions, beans, onions, vegetable oil, lettuce, lentils, peas, egg yolk, wheat, liver, vegetable oil;
  • to cleanse your body of fiber, fruits and vegetables that concept;
  • bioflavonoid – they are also effective in preventing the formation of blood clots, see cherry;
  • in the synthesis of the elastin products included lobster, calamari, clams, shrimp, mussels.

During the meal, and варикозе

During what варикозе

Only products which will bring you a favor and suspend aid during варикозе of the body that a disease? The answer to this question doctors I know, and you will be able to know any patient's diet should be. But very few people that have a disease, unhealthy food, although I know the rules who may have a negative effect on the development of the disease.

Here are some foods and products that need a convenient варикозе food:

  1. Yesil tea and tea leaves, black currant and antioxidants are contributing to the liquefaction of the blood.
  2. Окрошка and Yesil cabbage soup, baked without concentrated broth.
  3. Jelly, morse, pudding.
  4. Seafood-rich protein that is involved in creating a copper and makes the vessels more flexible and robust.
  5. Contains seaweed, flavonoids, food ingredients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and astringent effect on capillary vessels – capillaries.
  6. Fresh salads, vegetables, vegetable oil stuck, the walls of the auxiliary vein is more flexible.
  7. Beef, liver and through positive action on arrival.

This is useful because some products decrease significantly during варикозе possible risks blood clots. Among these products, garlic, onion, olive oil, cherry, currant, lemon. These products, liquefied blood, thrombophlebitis very important prevention measure.

The value of destination to prevent constipation, increase the burden of this pathology, blood vessels and improve overall body poisoning. Products, varicose veins, help prevent constipation: beets, plums, figs, dried apricots, carrots, plums, apples, bread, whole wheat bread, yogurt, kefir (a-day), white bread.

A useful drinks which варикозе

Drinks варикозе

To improve варикозе during the course of the disease, mode of drinking necessarily have to be followed. And it is very useful to drink plenty of water thins the blood and reduces the risk for blood clots. In addition, water and healthy drinks optimized water-salt balance in the body.

Yesil is useful варикозе tea, beverages, cranberry and cowberry, compotes, fruit and vegetable juices (buckthorn, black currant and aronia).

Watermelon and cantaloupe can be consumed large quantities of them that season.

Worth eaten варикозе

Though варикозе should have a variety of foot during feeding, to reduce value or to give some food and their use should be minimized.

Don't get carried away, greasy, fried, spicy and smoked food. Dishes like this make the blood more viscous and the risk of thrombophlebitis.

Value moderately salty food. Excessive salt affecting the properties of blood and cause edema. Increase in blood viscosity in a variety of rich meat, broths, sauces, студни.

Варикозе not during the meal

Coffee and black tea consumed up to 2 cups a day is allowed, and if not, then maybe better to replace them Yesil tea or tea, fruit and herbs.

Do not abuse that baked goods and desserts. Especially in overweight patients, this extra weight is creating an increased load on the vessels, and contribute to a rapidly evolving disease.