It is important to know of the arrival scene?

It is very important for you to know about your periods start on time arrival at prevention and treatment. After all, this can be a first step of health care veins. Such a feeling as tired and heavy legs, at the end of the day, familiar to almost everyone, but less with WHO binds them on arrival. In the meantime, these symptoms are the symptoms of the disease, on arrival.

It should be noted immediately, there are several options the arrival of the foot of the stage classification. We back that divides the development of the disease three phases: phase compensation stage and insufficiency subkompensation stage. Consider them in learn more.

Varicose veins: first stage

Destination the first step is known as phase compensation.

This may continue for a while, a few months, a few years. The thing is, violation of the body, including the mechanisms put in working vessels and make up. So, in the first stage of destination named "scene compensation". But these lies and danger: a person to ignore symptoms for a long time, diseases, and the most effective would be to miss in a fight with him from time to time.

Compensation Feb scene

At this stage, may be missing the arrival of the external symptoms manifest as vascular the star - herald the arrival of. Patients uncomfortable heaviness in the legs, bloating sensation, leg edema bring the afternoon, but they're a little discomfort. Typically, these symptoms subtracted fatigue at the end of the day, especially related to the profession of long standing stay.

The diagnosis of your arrival in the first phase, the assigned conservative, non-surgical treatment. In particular, various applied sclerotherapy.

Varicose progresses

It looks like about varicose veins at an early stage can be understood: the outward appearance is not a value statement to the patient navigate the health. Here the second stage is called compensation stage Feb, patients are usually treated by a doctor.

Sub-compensation - disease stage, when the body cannot handle all the negative effects completely. Our only complaint is not the patient pain or swelling at the end of a tough day, but to live in constant discomfort, to do an intervention or a habitual lifestyle. And phlebologist must appeal within this time period only.

At this stage of Vienna is clearly visible and more prominent. Leather you obtain, more dark, cyanotic tint. At this stage, arrival at the stage noted in the patient with the disease, reinforced. Edema, pain, burning sensation, cramps in the legs sometimes a little notes, not just one night, but the night.

At this stage shown, a more serious treatment: laser photocoagulation, minimally invasive surgery, necessarily recommended wearing compression socks.

If untreated, varicose veins...

If that does not apply to patients in your own situation carefully and freezes phlebologist varicose disease goes third phase and compensation.

Deficiency disease stage, the response of the body when their function is to deal with as a result of long-term disease. At this point, adaptation mechanisms and opportunities does not work.

On arrival at an intensive stage out of the blood is severely disrupted and deformed veins. As a result, bitter food, tissue, accumulated liquid may occur, trophic ulcers. Of Vienna, strongly deformed, some serious complications in the form of thrombophlebitis.


Treatment at this stage, necessary to carry out immediately on arrival, they find conservative methods are ineffective, for this reason, patients an operation. Otherwise, the disease begins and life-threatening.

There the arrival of the International Classification stage, a different above. Properties defined by the letter of the seven stages of the diseases experts (Latin class):

  • C0 - stage, when the visible signs missing heir
  • C1 - emergence of vascular asterisks or reticular (small Surface) veins
  • C2 - arrival up to 3 mm in diameter visible under the skin
  • C3 - scene arrival, characterized by the presence of persistent edema
  • C4 - view changes, skin ulcers, or venous
  • C5 - a closed venous ulcer formation
  • C6 - an open venous ulcer formation

And remember: no matter what implements the most effective for the treatment of the disease classification stages arrival the doctor who treated in the early stages.