Pelvic arrival

A fairly common diagnosis in medical practice and meet the arrival of the pelvic happened recently in males and in females. However, statistics show women this problem often of the opposite sex. Women of all ages who are exposed pelvic veins arrival, however, the risk increases proportionally with increasing age and pathology. Reproductive age, varicose veins in the pelvis which can be detected in 15-20% of women menopause, she is already diagnosed in 75-80% patients. The first signs of arrival in the pelvic area in men occurs most frequently between 12 and 30 years.

varicose veins


That contributes to the development of this disease is due to a specific range. Some-linked inheritance, and general health status, and other a result of lifestyle and habits. Factors, the basic pelvic varicose appearance is used:

  • pathological extension of veins the rectum and lower extremities;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • congenital weakness of venous walls and connective tissue;
  • tumor development, growth, and hernia, urogenital system;
  • pelvic inflammatory disease in the chronic form;
  • inactive sedentary and sports;
  • heavy physical load;
  • long forced while sitting or standing;
  • no regular sexual life;
  • sleep disorder and often a nerve;
  • improper diet and excess body weight;
  • harmful habits.

By gender the above list is complemented by these or other factors. For example, in men, this could be a factor, a special feature, structure, blood vessels sexual organ. Bearing the name of this pathology varicocele – varicose veins spermatic cord. Given the properties of the male anatomy, more than can be said If the disease is localized frequently on the left side.

Development properties pelvic varicose women (supposedly women varicocele) languages that are compatible with the presence of risk factors include:

  1. inflammatory gynecological diseases;
  2. mechanical compression of veins by the enlarged uterus;
  3. anorgazmia discomfort during sexual intercourse, and sexual disorders);
  4. divide and multiple pregnancy;
  5. numerous and difficult birth;
  6. changing hormonal background;
  7. hormone therapy and birth control.

Although it should be noted, high prevalence of pelvic varicose less studied, and perhaps for other reasons.


Pelvic varicose symptoms in the early stages of development, the disease shows itself in any way. In male patients, these symptoms can frequently be detected using the methods more extremely palpation, ultrasound, functional tests, and physical examination. The degree of lesions of the veins just in time too high, the deformation may occur with varicose veins, sexual organs and a strong pain, even at rest.

pelvic arrival

The heads of both sexes patients with pelvic varicose veins pain, pathological changes in blood vessels can be seen with the development of deterioration in the output. Different density they lower abdomen and localized, most of the patients we're celebrating giving and painful aching, lumbar region of the sacroiliac joints. Emerging or more Outdoor Walking, after a long while static and dynamic loads.

Wear a pelvic varicose veins symptoms in women there is a character more pronounced:men

  1. painful crises and reinforced the region applies to the lower abdomen perineum, usually after a long stay, standing or sitting; in the early days of PCs; then, dress warmly and stay dry;
  2. bad feelings, genital and pelvic during sexual intercourse and after a short time ;
  3. significant premenstrual syndrome;
  4. fail menstrual periods (dysmenorrhea): increased expectations and abundance counts;
  5. the Supreme election external genital organs secretion;
  6. nodules venous perineum;
  7. a special sensitivity in the perineum region;
  8. dysfunction, the urine.


This unique status indicator of pregnancy, women's health. Many from the disease asymptomatic, carrying the fetus for a significant time.

In pregnancy the growing uterus located in the pelvis it takes more and more rapidly. Possible size finally reaches the third trimester and compresses other organs, venous blood vessels pinch. Their walls due to low tone, uterine, significantly weaker in this period, usually. This physiological process, damage, health, and bleeding from ruptured blood vessels may complicate the pregnancy. In the postpartum period feelings of pain and resulting in anemia and problems with veins.

The uterus fetal growth and increases blood outflow, about 15-20 times, and valve apparatus vessels to the uterus, but not always he's doing it. Corruption and a one-way flow of blood and venous stasis provokes an inflammatory process. The blood starts to flow, is used, which is a roundabout way of course, weak capillary vessels pelvic. This way, excess blood, and a result which shows itself as varicose veins of small pelvis. On the outside, not the reverse can occur after the birth process, and this disease will continue.

Violation because of blood flow, varicose veins, pelvic varicose a deficiency of oxygen is the child. Developing fetal hypoxia, sometimes this serves as an excuse to execute a c-section.

Confused uterus and pelvic varices during pregnancy is especially important. The set is full if it helps with a disease that only high diagnostic possibilities based examination methods: ultrasound (USG), computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). During this period, the choice of a woman's life, ultrasound and MRI, because the irradiated ima SA. MRI is absolutely safe, but it is not recommended to do it the first trimester. Varicose pelvic ultrasound results MRI indications during the wedding.

During pregnancy, varicose veins, pelvic varicose veins using the techniques it is possible, only conservative therapy. Therefore, after the birth will completely get rid of the disease. Resorted to extremely rapid intervention in critical situations. Then uses minimally invasive techniques – radio-frequency and laser coagulation.

All suggestions refer to the weighted treatment without surgery to set, it's a lifestyle:

  • increase in physical activity. Exercise, Hiking, the opportunity to take a forced break for at least two hours a day;
  • except weight lifting;
  • that must be followed diet foods fiber-rich foods (whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fruits, vegetables) high levels of beneficial fatty;
  • take a contrast shower, nice pool area use;
  • make sure you wear compression socks or assigned to a kind of second trimester prenatal bandage;
  • sleep better your side, legs slightly elevated;
  • respiratory exercise and medical gymnastics.

Directly when the threat of a premature birth, treatment fixed, under the auspices of the open medical staff.


A special gymnastic exercises for the treatment of various medications and treatment of pelvic varicose veins occurs.

Indispensable use of the drug in the acute phase of the disease course. The main active components are: diosmin, hesperidin, nine thousand two hundred one, pentoxifylline. Complexes and vitamin pills which contain fruit juices, herbal extracts and oils that will give you the same with a moderate recovery of the patient's state.

Pregnant women doctors work, determination tools (varicose veins in the pelvis) on the basis of purely natural ingredients: extract, horse chestnut, Yesil tea extract, vitamins, oils, etc. This drugs, there are as few side effects as possible. Your doctor usually for the purpose of another aspect that gives a comprehensive treatment, physical therapy, or medical gymnastics.

Pelvic varicose doing gymnastic exercises there is a wide range of activities. They are the main Minister of a treatment, preventive value. Cycles exercise the back muscles, peritoneum, pelvic and hip, a positive effect on the development of blood flow. Given the density, a potential burden, particularly health, employment, at home and at work to get yourself a Reasonable Exercise of the whole of.

The complex may include a home for the next exercise:

  • ""exercise bike": rotation of legs, lying on your back. 15-20 approaches;
  • exercise "pull-up knee": raise, chest, knee, directing stocking up fix this for a few seconds. 10 approaches, each leg;
  • exercise "Scissors": in supine position, hold hands, through the torso, legs straight, stockings taut, the foot has passed the order. 15 approaches;
  • exercise "Candle": the head, neck, and shoulders your back on the floor to fix the body in an upright position to be able to keep your hands to perform 5-7 minutes;
  • should exercise flexibility back support, palms and knees first bend after the correct, back. 10 approaches.

In the workplace, for example, to perform the following exercises:

  • wants foot and straightening;
  • circular position stops the rotation in sitting, 10 times;
  • alternative transposition on body weight one foot, then the other.

In the first period, additional disease and varicose veins, pelvic folk remedies might. Tonic Bath attributed to them accept the use of anti-inflammatory infusions and mixtures suitable for the formation of blood.

Most tools are easy to prepare at home. The choice is given in the treatment of the disease: fruits and flowers, horse chestnut, birch chaga, dandelion roots, flowers, chamomile.

Somewhere is the ideal protection for special treatment:

  • fit, healthy lifestyle (smoking cessation, alcohol);
  • the regime of meals (meals 5 times a day in small portions at regular intervals);
  • the proper temperature, wind loads, and entertainment;
  • after the arrival of sexual life should be moderate pelvic;
  • regular blood control indicators;
  • visit a phlebologist.

After treatment, the patient has the disease signs of recovery, not only physically, but also in an emotional situation.

arrival during exercise