An ointment of destination selection — the best option

Varicose veins treatment, varicose in the legs should be integrated. There are some medications for local effects, especially skin and blood vessels. This disease many unpleasant symptoms that cause swelling, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, inflammatory processes. The arrival of ointment at a distance effectively eliminates symptoms of the illness and prevent the development. They develop the sound vessels, and is used for the prevention of complications. Arrival and nutrients that causes thrombophlebitis ulcer, shins, i.e., treatment should be initiated once any early symptoms it's a disease.

Arrival symptoms


Causes and symptoms varicose

Varicose veins gradually teenagers strike recently, so faced with such a problem, not just old people. To make the process has reached the age of thirty and sometimes even more. If you have relatives, varicose legs, or parents and surgery have moved in this matter, then worth thinking about prevention of this disease. A doctor, an engagement with issues like – phlebologist. That will make finding surveys and whether there is a human that is at risk. Hereditary predisposition that causes the disease, however, some factors contribute to its emergence, for example:

  • arrival a male more often in women more representatives;
  • a few extra pounds of weight;
  • business, includes, long is a finding on their feet;
  • existing flat feet can cause human disease;
  • hormonal disorders, the body's endocrine diseases;
  • permanent stresses;
  • sedentary lifestyle, provokes congestion.

Arrival destination is called a pathological legs. Disease, fatigue accompanied by valves in blood vessels. Blood circulation the legs are broken and swelling appears internship. The disease has not occurred, the first person who immediately starts small signs is not to give a value. The first effect vessels on the surface, then deep in the veins increases and the disease process the pathology is already active.

From the outside, which shows itself in the form of this mesh node that creates and increases the danger of venous blood clot. Potential complications carries a threat to life: thrombosis (blood vessels), thromboembolism, and wounds in the legs. Leather shins looks ugly, if it continues for a long time, swelling, enlarged veins that are visible from the outside. This inflammation, accompanied by lower extremity discomfort and the severity of the man feels.

Varicose treatment

Varicose veins

The arrival of an ointment – this is the only way to cure, can be a serious illness to overcome, and only with practice, a comprehensive treatment. For this, pills and ointments the doctors prescribed medication as a complement to local effects of implementing them. Capable of external tools to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Conservative treatment of this disease, blood circulation and blood vessels, Bridge, congestion. Goes as a result of edema, inflammation decreases, decreases the danger of thrombosis, it is less common for serious complications to develop. Considered forward creams and ointments, the most effective accepted to fight destination.

What to choose: cream, gel or ointment

Drugs for local application in the form of the version are divided types:

  • gel;
  • cream;
  • ointments.

These drugs prevent progression to the current, and for this disease, conservative treatment (without surgery). Drugs, the different composition of the tubes, because there are many patients prefer to use gels, the lightweight structure. The gel is absorbed immediately after application on the skin, therefore, it is considered that the most suitable application. The cream texture a little more dense, but also a good penetrates the skin and leaves a trail. Arrival an ointment of the oil components occurs, and sometimes, it's a pleasure that's always comfortable.

Pharmacy prescription medicines can be purchased:

  • horse chestnut tree, with drugs;
  • the drug with heparin;
  • with ointment nine thousand two hundred one;
  • NSAIDS as a gel or ointment (drug vs inflammation).

Keep in mind, that varicose veins is a serious disease which can have severe consequences, therefore, unacceptable to himself.