All Pro lifting legs veins: what is the procedure, comments, rehabilitation

Most of the time, conservative treatment is not effective, this is a surgical operation. Therefore, in such cases:

  • Vienna takes a large portion of large varicose veins;
  • flebotromboz thromboembolism or acute;
  • the wrong extension subcutaneous veins;
  • the presence of edema in the legs;
  • disorder of the circulatory system the venous system;
  • progressive ulceration of the traffic is Non-amenable to medical treatment;
  • chronic fatigue, feet and movement disorder.

Restrictions and contraindications

Unfortunately, surgical intervention it can all be done, though, the severity of the disease. They are doing the process cases:

  • effective results will give the running status of the disease surgery;
  • concomitant hypertension 3. degrees, IHC ;
  • sepsis or other inflammatory and infectious processes in the body;
  • more than 75 years of age and senile;
  • pregnancy 2. and 3. trimester;
  • a skin disease flare-up during (eczema, contact dermatitis, erysipelas and other).

Any procedures in the veins of the lower extremities

Varicose veins of lower extremity procedures may present more than one option ever type:

  • phlebectomy vein removal or full;
  • mikroflebektomi or delete the affected veins;
  • laser coagulation with a laser blade;
  • radio frequency ablation em;
  • sclerosing;
  • Phlebotomy.


Thanks to microinvasive gentle about operational processes, deleted, corrupted parts of the ship.

The advantage of this method, any post-operative complications because of the surgery pass with small holes.

This reduces the rehabilitation period, and increases the cosmetic effect.

Laser removal

Such switches with the help of laser treatment of varicose Small veins lifting is based on an expensive process with a laser knife. Essence, surgery, laser, resulting in the ship on the beam, the blood collects and the container was closed and separated. Vienna later solved.

Pros the process, any surface defects and short rehabilitation period. Immediately after surgery, the patient to go home, stand on their own feet. operations

Radiofrequency ablation

An improved version of the method, all available with the previous method less dangerous and traumatic.

Thanks to him, this Vienna varicose delete it up to any caliber sites, without the use of anesthesia. Rehabilitation is not needed in a more active manner because the period of two weeks run.

But it should be remembered that in some cases, the effect is not better, then laser removal.

Compression sclerotherapy

Operating systems this method can say. Sclerosante on the basis of his use – the container is injected into a special item when the fibrous coat. The injections only a few times and small caliber vessels.

Sclerotherapy not meeting narcosis, anesthesia intolerance, this is used for the weighted ones. But that requires a long rehabilitation period. Necessarily patients to wear compression stockings for at least 3 months.

The effects of the surgery

Possible complications after surgery veins of the lower extremities, which necessarily alert patients surgeons pre. All these complications depend on factors such as the manipulation of the different stages that occur in the meeting:

  • road surgery;
  • the scene of neglect and robots transaction volume;
  • choice of anesthesia and entry way.

Depending on these factors, the potential for complications is different from the methods and how to eliminate them. Of course, in itself a traumatic and dangerous method of phlebotomy. Because of the possibility of major complications of the lower extremities offendimus all the fabric. The most basic ones:

  • aseptic inflammation of the skin around the seams;
  • the formation of the heavy accumulation of blood in the skin redness and the sensation of pain;
  • to participate in the process due to secondary bacterial infection inflammatory;
  • bleeding wounds;
  • significant edema due to lymph vessels and nodes in the groin area traumatization;
  • thromboembolism system of the deep veins as a result of continuous bed rest without preventive measures (usage, compression stockings, and medications to improve blood properties less motor activity);
  • exasperatus bruising and stitch in place surgery;
  • the progression of the disease recurrence.

In the first days of action after surgery

Once the patient wakes up after anesthesia, the need for motion in the feet as much as possible. The exercises including rotation, flexion and extension in knee and ankle joints, leg. The main thing is not to overdo it to make it's not, it's worse.

To do operations on the second day, the bandage, then the bandage or special underwear to don a tight knit fabric the foot.

Extremity preferably removed, to improve blood circulation. In each case, the plots cannot operating, irrigation, free baths, because her stitches will pull. Shudder accept value if the patient non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, then definitely consult a doctor. In these cases, leg edema, to reduce and preferably physically download.

Stitches are usually removed over 9-10 days. Then, the assigned special rehabilitation. A full recovery occurs depending upon the stage of the disease and the person's physical condition. extraction

Rehabilitation and prevention of conditions:
  • Lifestyle modification and physical activity to patients;
  • Fix power after the operation;
  • Compression Therapy in the postoperative period.

Lifestyle modification and physical activity of the patient

One of the main reasons is because, on arrival, physical inactivity, it is recommended for a quick recovery and Recovery, a walk in fresh air every evening without exercising special hostage, walking "socks" and "heels", Cycling, lower extremity joints according to the type of exercise in a circular motion, "scissors", as well as foot massage and healthy sleep.

Fix post-operative nutrition

Excess weight contributes to the progression of the disease recurrence and this patient is obese, the diet immediately that you need to modify: reduce calories, food to diversify the power mode change. Preferably, the diet only consume meat, seafood and sea fish, milk and milk products, grains, fruits, vegetables, berries and nuts. The same day you need to drink close to 2 liters of normal water.

We must remember what other patients

Sick of remembering education about 3 months along the seam occurs. Then formed wound. Then be careful you operated limb to the site:

  • Workplace cannot rub rough and hard during the shower sponges, scrubs suite bathroom both pleasure. Washcloths this soft or just wash your hands.
  • While bathing water should be warm.
  • Try delete goods not iodine, or other antiseptic once bright Zelenka, excessive friction causes.
  • Itchy stitches in place if version on iodine, antiseptic effect, and the state, itching.
  • Goods pull off not peel yourself, themselves don't.
  • Fried or peculiar about him in place if sewing patches, consult a doctor.
  • Work, to protect themselves unnecessary stress and restlessness.