Prevention of arrival: how to do it right, testimony, and the estimated

Only the veins of the legs can be prone to arrival – similar changes in the life is in the blood:

Varicose veins
  • the esophagus and stomach;
  • women's pelvic;
  • left spermatic cord and testes in males.

But the reasons of development the arrival of all these varieties is completely different. This protection varies greatly.

View this article to avoid the most common activities, such as arrival – the lower extremity of the yen. Also %70% covers the general structure, frequency, is really effective in just preventing him.

A comprehensive approach, prevention, development of varicose disease, foot means:

  • Decide, needs prevention – testify
  • Note shoes
  • Get right
  • Be active, but a place to remember
  • Normalize weight and eat a balanced diet
  • "No" to harmful habits
  • Gymnastics in the installation to be lazy
  • Do offloading foot massage
  • Wear compression socks
  • Drugs are sometimes necessary
  • Prediction prevention

Prevention of any disease, including varicose veins, varicose veins, feet, treated more easily than anything. But if you exactly how to do it correctly, or does not occur at all, ensure disease, or to prevent severe consequences.

Only durable have the greatest effect on business can give. Specifically, this rule applies to people who have a high risk of varicose veins in the legs, varicose. For them to this disease prevention is an integral part, a way of life, a daily habit, it's kind of Nice. Ultimately, in fact, there is nothing complicated about it.

All relevant issues for the prevention of varicose disease of the lower extremity, vascular surgeon or phlebologist please.

Decide, needs prevention – testify


The main risks the Group is developing varicose veins, varicose veins, leg, preventing such people who need specific:

  • With hereditary predisposition – a close relative with the pathology.
  • Woman, dishormonal disorders, cystic, ovarian.
  • Pregnant and had a baby .
  • People dealing with heavy physical work, long-term resident Standing Still or sitting position (especially vocational and a sedentary lifestyle).
  • Amateur high heels, taking a hot bath, saunas, spicy foods and alcoholic beverages.
  • The presence of a person with characteristic ˮvenarumˮ complaint: swelling of the ankles in the evening in the area of the foot, calf cramps and pain, Nov, weight, foot shape, reinforced venous vascular mesh.

The biggest and varicose disease risk factors – hereditary predisposition, pregnancy, and dishormonal disorders in women. Any other background for yourself, why not a disease but possible, stratifying base to enhance its formation and heavy.

Note shoes

The question of the right choice of shoes largely is true, but it is also important for men and women. A shoe that is considered optimal:

  • handy and comfortable (not d the feet and shins, but not too free);
  • it shouldn't, thin high heels – best 4-5 cm;
  • use insoles-foot support;
  • not worth Walking Shoes flat shoes constantly.

Get right

The question to decide that working in shifts is not always easy, even when it comes to health. But if at risk for varicose veins, varicose veins in the legs or too big like the first symptoms of the disease may stick better preventive recommendations output:

  • Hard to eliminate or minimize work-related physical load, abdomen, and lower extremities.
  • You cannot endlessly too much time (at the most 2-3 hours) to carry out a hard standing or in a seated position.
  • Contraindicated weight dumbbells and other sports on site.

As a general rule, the working conditions should be stagnant and not given excessive blood pressure the walls of the veins in the legs. Maximum venous stasis is marked, the muscles of the lower leg a foot down and stops when vertical still (time the person standing or in a sitting position).

Be active, but a place to remember


Physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) – incentive varicose disease, varicose veins, leg. So you need to fight with him:

  • do morning exercises;
  • don't be lazy walk – walking in open air;
  • exercise, physical activity or sports-related exercises for lower legs and feet (walking, jogging, swimming, Cycling, aerobics).

But it is not too much work. Remember about the holidays – about 8 hours of sleep alternate periods of activity with periods of rest. Nov pump the rear surface of the lower leg plays a role, promote blood vessels the force of gravity in the opposite direction (bottom-up). Load, they're alive, it's too big. To deal with it the only safe re-reserves of energy after a busy day.

Normalize weight and eat a balanced diet

Lower extremity, obese people experience a high burden. Therefore, weight reduction decreases daily tension prevention as heir veins, leg. To do this, use different methods, but not necessarily like a stick diet suggestions:

  • Limit fatty foods, animal (pig, duck-fat sour cream, eggs) and digestible carbohydrates (donuts, white bread, pie, cake, cake).
  • Give up spices and spicy food.
  • Eat a moderate amount of salt and liquid to minimize.
  • Enrich your diet vegetable food: vegetables, fruits, oils (linseed, olive, sunflower).

"No" to harmful habits

The most common harmful habit, tobacco and alcohol abuse themselves, why are varicose veins, varicose veins, but other fundamental factors are contributing together, its formation and progression. Therefore, people risk you should not give up. It is not easy to do yourself. Consult a physician if necessary-expert in narcology .

Gymnastics in the installation to be lazy

Expanding the prerequisites of any human activity, varicose veins, leg, must be combined with periods of unloading. All you need to do – at least 5-10 minutes to execute simple exercises for the legs 1-2 times a day will be given throughout the evening and after graduating. This is not necessary, or a separate Office of the special conditions.

Most exercise gymnastics move can be done directly at the workplace:

  • Meat did each foot follow the movements flexor 10-20 alternately seating position, thus the muscles of the back of the group, decreases the possibilities of the leg and relax.
  • If it sat for a long time, stand up and walk up the stairs good. Walk flat terrain, imitation, step by step, a walk stairs, the heel and the foot, lower leg muscles showed a decline good, and relax.
  • The Standing finger, walk heel pose like that for a few seconds. As follows, the first two feet at the same time (several times), and then alternately with each foot, so by the time the rises right foot, left foot in the heel, and vice versa.
  • If you have an opportunity, sit down or lie down and place your foot some sort of prop, they occupied a higher position in the pelvis (e.g., disappointed, foot chair, table, wall).

Designed to unloading train protection, varicose veins, foot, really simple and efficient. – Lazy do these exercises.

Do offloading foot massage

Varicose treatment

Meaning freedom massage, foot – improved output, blood superficial and deep veins. Don't do it yourself, at least in the evening after business hours, and if there is an opportunity, and his throughout.

Basic techniques; self-massage:

  • Sit down, sheep, soles, knee joint slightly bent for it to sit on level surface (at least 90).
  • Massage your skin in a rubbing motion in the direction of the trail foot and Nov g juncturae all around.
  • A stepped rear laid out with both hands to grasp, hail, and others, plantar surface.
  • Squeeze a segment of the spring fingers, while moving them upwards slowly as you progress through the tibia and femur g Instagram. In passing, smoothly squeeze a new plot after a few seconds, loosen them and move your hands higher.
  • To meet the finger brush the side surface of the heel. Relaxing her fingers squeeze the fabric for a few seconds, move your fingers on the up side, the knee gastrocnemius muscles and the Achilles tendon.
  • Pat tibia with both hands from bottom to top.

Freedom of self massage for about 10 minutes total session time. After that, a desirable ˮbirchˮ exercise (3-5 minutes, up from her heels as high as possible to position the foot and taller).

Wear compression socks

Special products, for the best compression stockings and strengthens the Weakened esophageal veins and their extensions do not allow the foot or changed. This method behaves better prevention, the more frequently that you use individually selected compression Jersey. Wear every day before you get out of bed, then sleep. At the end of the day, when there will be less load on the legs, you have to take the product.

If you choose to watch, compression socks:

  • It should be comfortable for everyday use. Modern, meet all the requirements of the product – they are fine (according to the type of nylon tights), a good squeeze equal and fabric, elegant appearance and durable. Better buying this type of sweater knitwear elastic bandages or ordinary crassus.
  • You want to import the product. This may be tights, stockings and socks.
  • Attention, class-compression – power, Tricot fabric with which it compresses. Prevention preventive knitwear that you can use for a special (zero-grade compression) or therapeutic, but only the first compression class.

Drugs are sometimes necessary


Shows the arrival of medical prevention to persons at high risk (many pre-dilated veins on the legs), or non-characteristic venous the manifestation" ("them are described in the section decide prevention needs – reading").

Note: there are also ointments and gels quick, but short-term effect and the tablets start to move slow but long-lasting. Therefore, local daily preventive medications and drugs purchase 2 times a year courses can be used as the inner duration is approximately one month.

Prediction prevention

Included in the table has been possible to estimate the effectiveness of developing varicose veins prevention, varicose veins in the legs, considering the risk of disease.

Predisposition arrival Percent of the cases, if prevention full What full-fledged prevention
Low Less than 5% – mild varicose veins The patient is 95% a mild form of – 45%, medium – 50%
Medium 30%: some mild U – 20%, The average weight – 10% Patient 99%: average weight – 65%, expression – 34%
High 50%: mild to moderate form – 40%, heavy – 10% Patient: average weight – 60% heavy – 40%

If you don't want, patient arrival – prevent teams!