Causes and treatment methods for varicose veins and foot

Varicose veins usually affecting the lower extremities may develop, years and even decades. Varicose veins (varices) on their feet every time committing a violation blood flow in the veins and valves. Correct blood flow in the blood vessels of the foot characterized by a movement that is bottom-up (reverse gravity). This process is greatly possible thanks to venous valves preventing reverse flow business blood. Abnormality, these valves veins venous blood flow and the stretchable violation of the road of this investigation. Blood vessels this blood starts to flow, in a chaotic manner, often in the veins of the leg Zastava. As a result, in this context, the important can't stand up to the pressure vessel wall, dilated and flat out. This dilated blood vessels visible under the skin in the form of a node. Slow the flow of blood clots in the veins usually occurs when extended. Crushing operations cover power of indifference trophic ulcer.

The arrival of the disease in the legs quite a lot:

  1. Genetic (inherited disease predisposing factors – congenital weakness of the venous wall and cover of the apparatus, loss of elasticity).
  2. Disorder, blood circulation constipation background, wearing narrow shoes, smoking, lack of physical activity.
  3. Hormonal preparations (monophasic birth control pills high doses of estrogen, thickening of the blood path).
  4. Venous pressure, type of provocateur obesity, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle (sedentary work), constant vertical loads (workers, standing on the feet all day).
  5. Hormonal changes, aging.

Wrong data flow in the blood vessels pathological reasons why the lower limb – deep vein reflexus or reverse blood flow, the superficial vein. Therefore, in the sector at the same time contribute to the disease later.

The symptoms in the legs, varicose

  • extension of the subcutaneous veins;
  • a burning sensation or as work progresses, the veins in the legs;
  • heavy feeling, foot;
  • edema, soft tissue, lower extremity evening (stop area, ankles, shins);
  • calf cramps at night Nov;
  • Browning sticks to seal skin;
  • as the pain progresses, the veins;
  • trophic ulcer.

The symptoms in each patient may have a different destination, but the substance remains unchanged – weight feeling, legs called, "heavy foot syndrome". Most prominent is the most common symptomatic during the intense heat of the complex in the evenings.

The disease has started, and cyanotic color into the skin of the legs, and the patient does not receive any treatment at this stage, a rarely observed skin hyperpigmentation and lipodermatosclerosis, and in more serious cases, the ulcer growing traffic.

Danger's arrival and thriving on the background of complications, thrombophlebitis (inflamed inner wall Vienna), requests the formation of blood clots. Blood clots usually on the top of the vein Lumen (flebotromboz), also easy to rip and fall. As a result, serious complications observed between patients with varicose veins death.

Diagnostic varicose in the legs

Those have detected of one or more of the above symptoms urgently to the doctor phlebologist or vascular surgeon. In actuality depends on the detection of disease, and also warning air treatment a complication.

Diagnosis the determination of the destination for the following research. diagnosis of arrival

  1. Evaluation and venous ultrasound duplex scanning veins of the aperture extension, the direction of blood flow as well as blood clots in the veins detection.
  2. Contrast venography – standings of the vessels and the tumor thrombus detection through again the correct "casting" the veins of the patient's X-rays. Usually this method is replaced with a second ULTRASOUND because it is considered to be a more simple exercise.

When you see a doctor immediately

Hike must be a doctor emergency when you see the following symptoms:

  1. View any acute pain of the lower extremities move. With this in mind leg is swollen and very thick, like leather and it burns.
  2. Fatigue, shortness of breath, accompanied by, in a sense, the lack of oxygen.
  3. The disease affected the blood started dripping.

Varicose veins in the legs,

The arrival of conservative treatment methods.

Non-surgical treatment method is applied to the development during the initial phase of the disease, no complications. Conservative methods the intake of specific drugs (angioprotektori, anticoagulants, venotonik, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in pill form, ointments and gels), help relieve pain, and prevention of complications.

The treatment's arrival at a great value recycling, the walls of the arteries. Perhaps this difference using special tools. Vehicle does not contain a colorant domestic producers, no film wrapper, no preservatives, to minimize the potential for diosmin to absorb faster of the active substance, the symptoms allergic reactions.

Non-surgical treatment of varicose wearing compression underwear provides advanced fit, a Special diet, systematic physical load (complex therapeutic exercises).

These measures reduces venous insufficiency, warning, development, thrombophlebitis. The above measures can be prescribed treatment, then the doctor also varicose, of course, or the hardware manual lymph drainage, procedures to improve blood flow, reducing edema and lower extremity. It's not a procedure the effect, long term.

Leech therapy varicose.

Leech therapy arrive with very effective fighting method. Vascular disease affected the inside of the piercing, leech saliva, thanks to its content hirudi (natural heparin), promoting the formation of blood clots and prevents blood liquefaction. Based on today hirudi remedies generated through the contact "slug" can be avoided. leech

Modern non-surgical treatment methods of varicose veins in the legs.


Sclerotherapy is the most effective method in the surgical treatment arrival. During the procedure the vascular Lumen of the patient doctor a specific drug, and then bond the walls of the caller (1.5 years), melts them. The therapeutic vascular procedures during the normal course phase contains 3 to 6 asterisks for each leg. The result is swept up after 2-8 weeks observed for pain, hematoma and a slight tingling sensation, slowly will be done. You typed the drug in each case individually selected, thus the risk of complications is low. During treatment, the patient wear compression stockings.

Classical surgical sclerotherapy the treatment of varicose veins comparable yield is down, only the most modern methods - endovenous laser coagulation due to the emergence of the "form and foam" (foam) sclerotherapy under ultrasound control, the process or the procedure of translyuministsentnoy lamps. All this time time in a reduced number of side effects.

Sclerotherapy can be performed using Ultrasonic Scanner, then the echo procedure is called sclerotherapy. The browser gives you an opportunity to additional application, the doctor will move the needle in complete control, drug distribution, and Vienna.

A judicial procedure as a vessel to inject the drug you modified microfoam foam-form sclerotherapy. The walls of the venous method is highly efficient due to more close contact with the microfoam. Over the blood vessel, the faster his bond incentive microfoam and a blocking function.

endovenous laser photocoagulation or endonasal.

One modern and less traumatic treatment of arrival of the paths in the legs. The effects of the laser beam is done under local anesthesia and can be done with the damaged vessel. You can get a noticeable results after months. The method is quite expensive.

Good complement to drug treatment in the legs varicose folk remedies, will only increase tone and elasticity of venous walls, at the same time informs the development of disease. Recipes of traditional medicine, when used regularly, a lot of help for the treatment running cases (skin ulcers, thrombosis).

Busy the first treatment, it is important to uncover the cause of a disease by referring a PhD eye-opener, and no complications (skin ulcers, venous thrombosis), start treatment, as early as possible, and nodes more than 5 mm thickness on the surface of the vessel 7. During a course of treatment is recommended, wear, clothing and footwear, not limiting motion, to leave, crossed his legs and throw heavy physical activity habits. skin ulcers

Modern methods, surgery (non-surgical) treatment of varicose in the legs

In the absence conservative treatment requires surgical intervention due to the arrival of the desired result. In operation, a radical changed during the illness made treatment to remove veins. Today this bottle is made natural under the anesthesia a local anesthetic a mixture of anesthesia). What are the advantages of the method the patient to leave the clinic two hours it's not surgery, postoperative hematoma, more easily tolerated, no intoxication, during the procedure under general anesthesia.

Phlebotomy – modified to remove holes is done in a private disease, normal blood flow deep veins with the aim of arrival. The process in some cases it is preferable to sclerotherapy. Among the advantages observed rapid healing, patient, small scar, at the same time, the obtained effects for years.

Short Stripping remove: – the vein through two small incisions just changed the plot. Determines in advance the location and extent of the affected veins. With this method, the soft tissue of the patient, the rapid improvement observed, no pain post-surgery.

Endoscopic dissection of the vein - with this method, a small size endoscope with the doctor enters information about its internal state and affected him in Vienna gives an opportunity to the extent of varicose veins in the affected area, as well as precise control actions during the engine cut-off the plot Vienna, minimize were injured.

Prevention of varicose in the legs

  1. Limit sauna, acceptance, a hot bath, exposure to the sun for a long time (this leads to a reduction of venous blood of the subject, and internship).
  2. More motor activity (moderate jogging, swimming, walking, water aerobics, Cycling, skiing).
  3. The control of its own weight.
  4. Waiver tight, tight clothes, narrow and tight shoes.
  5. Habits to sit and get rid of "leg".
  6. Avoid constipation (balanced, careful, drinking mode).
  7. To share the burden equally feet for you to sit or stand in the same position for a long time).
  8. By pouring cold showers and foot.
  9. Wearing compression underwear that people in risk groups (pregnant, hereditary predisposition, workers, sitting, working, or whose labor or strenuous physical activity associated with obligation for you to spend all day on their feet).
  10. Physical therapy.

Arrival any physical exercise during treatment is forbidden and to avoid just.

Arrival while dieting

  1. Restriction salty, spicy and smoked food.
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Restriction meat products.
  4. Enrichment of the diet of fresh fruit and vegetable products, to contribute to strengthen the walls of the arteries (carrots, olive oil, walnuts, pineapples, tea Yesil, sprouted grains, wheat, legumes, Yesil onion).
  5. Daily intake of apple cider vinegar (2 teaspoons in a glass of water).

If it is found, the landlord of the first symptoms consult a qualified specialist workshop immediately on arrival. Leading people to a risk group (those are the ones as predisposing factors), and which suggest a hereditary predisposition to varicose disease participate in an ultrasound phlebologist that serves the mandatory two years.