Folk remedies for the treatment of leg varicose veins

Of arrival, which is a fairly common disease in exposed male and female. As the disease progresses, the vascular wall is deformed due to disrupted blood flow to the nodes of Education.

There are several treatments in modern medicine, the expansion of the foot arrival: drug-induced, laser, surgery, and other. In addition, your active home and folk remedies implemented as a positive result for treatment success.

Folk chestnut with a compress in the treatment of veins (varicose veins)

Cut into thin slices white bread, oil, camphor oil (cream). Sprinkle the fruit with the dried peel powder horse chestnut. Add patient, Vienna. Tue a warm scarf. Over 10 treatments varicose veins no longer sick.

varicose veins

Burdock (horseradish) public; varicose veins, foot

That became such a strong man may be varicose no longer walk without crutches. Treatment for vascular benefited the public, such as following directions: rub the leaves of burdock cloth, 2 hot water heaters sheet for night wear, hot, attach the leaves to the foot veins with the patient, preferably a sterile bandage to put under the leaves, so I was irritated. By applying internal party all night keep the leaves. To make at least five procedures. This tool to apply a day.

After this treatment the third procedure of men passed the fifth of that pain, walking without crutches already. The situation improved a lot. Instead, leaves, radish leaves, burdock can take

Apple cider vinegar as a treatment for varicose veins

Managed to clear on arrival, and apple cider vinegar. The woman rubbed with vinegar foot protruding veins night every day for a month. All nodes clean steel feet silently disappeared. If people use this tool and the tools came faster the effect of this each morning, as well as consumed, apple cider vinegar, diluted with water, half an hour before meals, adding honey.

How rid varicose foot with coconut

100 g grinded coconut, pour 0, 5 liters of vodka, insist 10 days, shaking every day. 20 drops 3 times to get the filter and

There was a woman, a destination that is running too. There was a foot protruding veins and nodes, all-black, leather, and parchment paper. The girl I've never seen her in a few years, and when he came to visit, as the feet clean and healthy. Help varicose veins, the following remedy: with the grind of the night Vishnevsky is a ointment, and then wrap their leaves, burdock and wear socks. So change the bandage after three days walking, washing foot. So, to be treated during the summer.

Arrangement grind the leaves, fill them half the banks, credit to the mouth of the jar with vodka. Insist week, drain. Feet rub this tincture every day for a month. Blue mesh veins gradually disappears.

Balm to cook: fresh milled root, comfrey dried, comfrey leaf, chichewa, chestnut, chichewa, Acacia, white, and domestic pig fat 5:1:1:1:2 (All herbal components, pour hot oil, Doom 3 hours, drain. People this ointment with bandages that are used in the treatment of varicose veins, the affected veins after three days of the imposition you want to change the bandage and fresh. Only 5 times a day 3. Course may be repeated if necessary 10-15 days.

Diseased varicose veins are surgically assigned as male, but he recommended a doctor to him running - 3 times a day. First, do not run up to 30 meters because of the pain in her veins, slowly running distance reached after 5 km the contrast shower - foot. Was able to cure varicose veins.

Pour 50 grams of vodka to get to 400 grams of acacia and white leaf chichewa to insist 12 days. At the same time fresh Arnica tincture chichewa: chichewa 1 to 10, 70% alcohol, insist 12 days. Drain and equal amounts of the tincture are mixed. A month later, this friction tinctures sites in patients with varicose disappeared. (Dated HLS 2007, №8, P. 32). As you know, a tincture, Color, White Acacia, white lilies, white calla lilies. Tincture of the flowers to add as they become available. (2002), no. 6, s. 17).

Varicose foot and horse chestnut tincture

The fruit of the horse chestnut tincture veins protruding under the skin, the procedure goes to the foot becomes invisible. Preparing tincture: peel and grated the kernel, horse chestnut three-liter jar and pour vodka or alcohol to insist on a folded top half of Dark of the moon, stirring, 2-3 times per week. This portion is missing a dark year. It helps, and import into the tincture: 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day before meals. Course of treatment - 1 month

gathering herbs

Varicose veins how managed, beet

Decided to treat the man with the bucket of beet from a volvulus. 6 months after the start of the Second World War the intake of her as I had done a complete exam veteran. The results of a research, it turns out, many chronic illness had passed: passed hemorrhoids, passed hypertension - blood pressure was 120, 70, passed, varicose veins, leg - blue, black, disappeared on the feet varicose sites.

Foot varicose folk remedies

Decoction of white willow bark - reduces inflammation, strengthens blood vessel walls, blood thins. In need of drinking water, 3 times a day, 1/3-Cup, for two months. 2 tablespoons pour 2 cups of the broth to cook, peel, boil in boiling water for 15 minutes. It is useful to make this decoction, foot baths or compresses.

Potato - potato juice or a wet compress several times a day with destination nodes need to make potato juice or grated potatoes.

Honey - a thin layer of honey on a cloth to a varicose veins honeyed compress applied to the veins near the top, a movie, a wide bandage of cloth. 2 hours on hold the bandage on the first day, 2. and 3. day - 4 hours on, 4. day - all night. (The procedure of relaxation and a strong recovery came from 3)

Plant carrots - carrot topper is a useful treatment for varicose in the legs tea: 1 tablespoon Cup boiling water over 1 coat of 1 hour to drink a cup 2-3 times per day.

The clay veins in the treatment of people

All of the women are inflamed veins, the leg up it was a walk that is impossible. Help, varicose veins in the legs, with the packages of clay.

The need in the case of diluted cream clay, clay smear of diseased veins, thus the clay is not flowed you can pin her from above the gauze, then again a layer of gauze, clay, gauze and then again growing again. That shot of the clay thickness 1.5 cm and then rolled up a foot rag (water absorption), and the top - Tue. After that, to lie down with the job, three hours. Bristle to clean and then putting your foot on a pillow on the bed. On the second day, the pain disappeared. After each pulse of the three treatments, the tumor resolved, the leg was smooth, no signs of illness.


You can prepare a foot bath better water fat the essence of arrival: 50 gr 500 gr herbal pour over fresh flowers

How varicose veins, a woodlouse

Varicose veins in the legs such a strong, given the pain with every step. Help remedy the following: stellaria media vessels to add on top fresh burdock leaf, fix bandage. Stellaria media to change, not once, burdock leaf every 2 hours. After seven days passed in this manner is the ease of treatment pain in the legs appeared.

Nov cramps, and edema of the tibia caused by the arrival you can clean it up using ordinary wheat. Grits wash, dry, and jump over the Grinder. Adding 1 tablespoon of buckwheat flour, taken daily, salads or main dishes. Help treat these people, but also in the prevention of cancer, cleans the blood vessels, atherosclerosis help.

Public treatment kirlangicotu juice

If there's no movement, the veins of the legs, good help these tour packages: make a compress of water and a wet cloth kirlangicotu sites. 3-4 hours.

To do for 7 days in a row, then Dec 10 days and repeat the course. Just like you have to spend 3 courses.


Arrival - a comprehensive treatment

A senior research assistant with the Institute for speech branch vascular surgery, an ambulance from them. N. V. Sklifosovsky

The causes of arrival: congenital weakness, Nov fibers, which consists of the superficial veins of the wall, a work-related legs and large loads, overweight, defeat, infection, nerve apparatus, varicose veins, pregnancy, the hormone secreted in pregnancy, weakened muscles in the venous wall).

The arrival of the complications - out skin, thrombosis. Tightening varicose veins cannot start, need to be treated as more than 5 mm thickness on the surface of the vessel nodes and a maximum of 7 mm. wear loose-fitting clothing during treatment and the need of footwear, without sit and not move, cross your legs not to wear throw, weight lifting.

Physical exercise - walking, barefoot, boat excitedly, climbing the stairs. The best exercise during arrival: heel, stand silently and largely neglected, it approaches 30 times 5-6 are available. Sit down and it often by removing the top of the foot heart, the higher head better. Still a very good exercise: lie on your back, lift your legs, relax, and started shaking.

During feeding arrival: eat more often, wheat, semolina (routine strengthens the walls of blood vessels), salad leaves, dandelion. Varicose veins treated well, garlic, onion, honey, tomatoes, lemon.

Folk remedies treatment of varicose that you can apply

Honey and garlic

Treatment for varicose veins and vascular prep tool: 250 grams peeled garlic (receive and onions), grated or minced meat 350 gr of liquid honey, pour the mixture over and to insist 1 week. Buy 1 tbsp. L 3 times per day before meals. Treatment - 2 months.

Tomatoes: tomato you have to put in thin slices to treat varicose veins in a secure, three hours, then put slices of fresh

Lemon: Slice a lemon, rub legs - lemon juice is well toned veins.

The following herbs alone admission to treatment and Fees:

Melilotus - containing coumarin-lowering, blood clotting, improving blood flow.

Labaznik, raspberry, Peony - containing salicylates, warning thrombosis veins.

Hops - increases the tone of blood vessels, consumed infusion, before meals and 1 cup cream on varicose veins.

Oak tree bark, buckthorn, interactive science, alder, bergenia root of the Aegean - used externally to treat, an anti-inflammatory effect.

Horse chestnut bark and leaves are very useful for the treatment of a fruit, nuts (2 tablespoons to insist 2 cups boiling water 2 hours, drink 1/4 cup 4 times a day), vervain leaves (take 1 tbsp in a cup of boiling water onto 15 grams of leaves for 30 minutes. l after hours - pulmonary veins).

Effective compresses, fern sage or sour milk (1:1).

A very helpful local fern rhizomes bath water or willow bark. To bath in water for 30 minutes must be such a temperature, time, pleasure to endure.

Great contrast in the treatment the arrival and foot massage showers.

The most effective plant collection:

20 g fruit, horse chestnut, birch bark, oak bark, horsetail grass, 50 gr, thallus Icelandic moss, 30 g herb astragalus, chichewa dies. Concentration 500 g for 5 min boiling water 2 tablespoons drinking 1/4 cup 4 times a day during arrival.