The arrival of the foot symptoms

The legs varicose veins are most common in the pathology of all kinds. The reason for this is human upright posture creates what a big load, and lower extremity.

What are varicose veins, varicose veins why do they occur?

Varicose veins disease is a disorder of superficial blood flow was observed that is called extension. The weakness of the vessel wall due to disease development, and the increased pressure the blood vessels. While expanding the walls of the vessels is broken, cover their normal function apparatus.

Moving up enough blood, the heart and stagnant in the lower extremity. Thus, developing varicose veins in the legs, varicose. Veins are weakened veins and venous vascular sites in the zone of the symptoms of diabetes.

Of arrival, the causes are quite varied. This and heredity, excess weight, and a wrong lifestyle, and long-term exercise, and leg and pregnancy. It is very important to prevention, arrival, helps prevent the development of disease and strengthen blood vessels.

Signs and symptoms of, varicose veins, varicose veins, foot

Symptoms of varicose veins, lower extremity are diverse, and depends on the stage of each disease. Initially, the patient does not see any external symptoms can be uncomfortable as tired after a working day in your legs weight. The development of the disease may occur in dilated blood vessels and venous vascular vessels more visible nodes become visible.

Signs and symptoms of, varicose veins, varicose veins, foot

The first symptoms of an illness, consult a doctor immediately!

Varicose legs is multiplied in the later stages of the disease symptoms, Nov pain and visible swelling in the legs, skin pigmentation. In advanced cases of developing sores and venous bleeding.

The symptoms of the disease at different stages

In the first stage, a bit of foot varicose the symptoms of the disease expression. An uncomfortable heaviness and fatigue, skin in some places shine through vascular, or "spinning", Vienna.

In the second stage of the disease, the uncomfortable cramping in the legs, visible external symptoms on arrival, the patient feels pain after long-term physical load and violence.

In the third stage arrival, arrival that is characterized by the emergence of apparent venous sites, skin pigmentation, edema, lower extremity.

The fourth stage traffic manifest as ulcers, can cause bleeding in the skin and the patient gets better. He feels sick, severe pain and discomfort in the area of the lower extremity.

And if left untreated?

Notice if you have the symptoms yourself, varicose veins, foot, treatment should be initiated, as far in advance as possible. No true action that may result in serious complications such as thrombophlebitis, varices bleeding, thromboembolism.

Blood clots in an area and consists of a thrombophlebitis, engel, and normal blood flow is disrupted, causing blood flow in the tissues. If may appear not to do something, trophic ulcers – wound skin is wet. and bad heal.

In which case you should consult a doctor immediately?

If you notice, the arrival of any symptoms, consult a doctor. Strong pain in the legs, Frequent seizures, to the deterioration and general condition should alert the appearance of pigmentation.

Don't visit a phlebologist, a doctor for timely treatment that will help you cope with all the complications and prevent the disease.

The arrival of the foot diagnosis

Ultrasonography is considered the most common and most effective diagnostic method of arrival in the legs. This will help to determine the degree of the disease appearance and find out exactly extended esophageal veins.

The arrival of the foot diagnosis

The extension stands on his feet the first symptoms of the arrival of the Van, immediately complete a full course surveys.

In addition, the doctor will show a blood count erythrocyte count, hemoglobin, white blood cells and platelets. This will help to determine this predisposition to thrombophlebitis, the presence of the inflammatory process or sign Vienna.

Stage disease can be understand by using this method, how rheovasography – definition hyperemia tissue failure. The remedy for complex and difficult cases in the diagnosis of surgical research (e.g., venography).

Treatment, varicose varicose veins, foot

There are several ways of treatment on arrival, and the doctor connected the decision at this stage, the course of the disease.

  • Angioprotektori these venotonic drugs the use of drugs and the normal structure of blood vessels improve the microcirculation, blood.
  • Compression socks – helps reduce the sensation of pain, increases tone, and blood vessels.
  • Treatment varicose leech – leech therapy, hirudi, it soothes and reduces the viscosity of the blood useful substances in leech saliva.
  • Surgical treatment – varicose veins surgery, laser, radio frequency coagulation, sclerotherapy, and vein that helps to cope with the problem to remove an advanced arrival.

Prevention of arrival

Varicose helps to reduce the risk of disease prevention. A life style correct variety and not enough physical activity throughout the day to keep veins healthy and the opportunity for a long time.

Don't forget about proper nutrition because excess weight contribute to the development of arrival. Allow for your feet after a hard day it is good. Warm give up harmful habits and procedures (a cigarette with nicotine, reduces vascular tone).

Helpful tips

  • At the first sign on arrival, see a doctor immediately.
  • The veins in the legs especially careful of this during pregnancy.
  • For the prevention of varicose disease during long trips at risk if you have physical travel and carry loads in compression underwear.
  • The correct mode to edit, rest and relaxation.
  • Give up smoking, fat-and-true gift, food, long-term sitting posture, to reduce the risk of arrival.