Varicose treated by what methods, and how

When you are thinking about the treatment of varicose veins, the disease is already present there. Information has reached about prevention, but let's face it, its not right, so didn't take a note. Any venous patterns in the shins now, interested close. And this really sounds bad, everything is perfect the internet and other media hype. Young, never trust a certain experience of life and the combined effects may include creams and ointments, not to mention relieve your arrival quick and painless. Maybe there are places of insecurity, and experience behind the miracle cure for a failed course. Not need to solve the problem already exists and it already. And the authority to do that.

We dare to explain the role of coordinators, in detail, what type of destination there are and what kind of treatment each requires. We mainly phlebologist varicose disease many patients with successful practical work experience a great relieve. And using the most advanced achievements of World Medical.

In the treatment of varicose veins you should know about?

what methods of treatment varicose

The arrival of the International Classification of disease (CEAR) helps disassemble the pathology doctors is very detailed. He considers, examines the symptoms and the anatomical and physiological level, health care, patient, kind, and complications. You must understand that the classification is quite broad, but I started this job a professional phlebologist. The heirs accordingly low prices into account, also. So, try to pass in the days when the first stages, what kind of treatment is suitable and from time to time.

Start arrival

With the arrival of the first meeting will be absolutely handsome. The onset of the first symptoms the disease is characterized by fuzzy, you can easily qualify for admission. A more modest disease. Whining in the evenings foot, a little swollen, sometimes it hurts for a long time after the move, what happens? Relax, to make the feet, cream, take advantage of tired legs. Secretary - the better. And forget the discomfort continues while your own life, wear your favorite studs and tight pants.

Over time signs of swelling increases, feet are ugly, the cake in the evening. I don't want to wear the studs, it all starts tired quickly of even a casual walking shoe.

This is similar symptoms, visit a doctor for the first time! Heirs without successful treatment of the main processes.

If an object, what you need to hold on with both hands as if go to the doctor! Because folk remedies to try to cook homemade ointment is smoke weed. Such a view - big mistake with a patients in the initial stages of arrival.

Remember, even varicose treatment main in the house is impossible. Will still go back and develop further.

And slowly, even if first, the superficial and deep veins. The disease is asymptomatic in the first stage of arrival, but not always. Typically, patients with reticular varices and telangiectasia of the skin the difference, but note that we do not accept it. Phlebologist and this is for you, I know how easy to deal with initial signs of arrival. Even without the surgery.

Second, running: all can be seen

in the second phase arrival

This time you won't run away from reality. There is pain and swelling and the leg and the superficial veins are already affected. The venous valve device does not work - Vienna protest. Expand, curl, protrudes. Walking becomes difficult. Phrases like memories and the display, but anything before! Heels, narrow shoes may be stylish and I only bought a bus to catch so easily. Now boring stretches in the beginning warm slippers and socks.

At this stage, treatment of varicose veins is not recommended, and already it is extremely necessary. If you want to treat and only professionals. If to act alone, third, if you go at the final stage.

Third degree - ulcer: it's too late to explain

Fan superficial and deep veins. It appears there are complications - trophic ulcer, edema, pigmentation spots. Rush venous insufficiency and thrombophlebitis. There is a broken activity. Aesthetically, it doesn't matter anyway right. Fighting with the pain and discomfort of life returns.

Here is my doctor's appointment is inevitable. And efficient, choose the right doctor. Medicus option - phlebologist. And no one else.

About gender - varicose veins in women and men

Arrival - pathology predominantly female. Narrow shoes and the only fault develops. A jolt is not seen in women, hormonal once life vessels react very sensitive.

Varicose veins seen in men. Especially when everyone more or less in reverse works, too, and physically.

Treatment, varicose disease, men are fundamentally different in the treatment of disease in women. But more often envisioning a female version additional drug therapy. Hard mode requires more changes in the same treatment a male heir.

Pre-requisite for a successful arrival in the treatment of men as well as women diagnosis.

How does this phlebologist

I know very much. Conservative treatment Compression Therapy and physical therapy help varicose call simple to perform, and is a very complex process. You to watch a video about the new classic and new minimally invasive vein. That will help you to understand that there are people like a puncture by using a needle, your doctor relieve the boring blue node shins is a painful symptom and at the same time!

A little the public about treatment methods

The treatment of varicose veins at home ad is very obsessive. And unreasonable. As you want to consider before and after photos. You can try yourself with any type of folk remedies wormwood, gold, usa, propolis and other. But there is a significant difference if you are classified as the classic pathology arrival, you should treat him professionals. And preferably in the early stages. Then success is guaranteed.