The treatment of varicose veins in the legs without surgery with your arrival

The treatment of varicose veins in the legs without surgery with your arrival Varicose veins, lower extremity, lowers the quality of life of the individual only, but also can cause death. Cannot be treated so don't. As popular and effective surgical treatment for varicose veins and folk treatment methods.

Arrival of a fairly common disease, occurring in 30% of female and 10% male, and each year the disease "younger". At the first stage the patient in any way, it could be the arrival to be felt, however, appears the first time that bad bell-shaped edema, vascular star, cramps, calf pain, Nov. If you spend time on the prevention and treatment of varicose veins in the legs visible to the eye conspicuous knotted Vienna.

Causes of arrival

For these reasons, the arrival include:

  • A hereditary factor;
  • Physical inactivity;
  • Fail hormonal in the body;
  • Long-term static load;
  • Cigarette;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lower extremity trauma;
  • Lifting weights.
Varicose veins

The most sensitive arrival disease, varicose veins, lower extremity, people have their own stand on their own feet throughout the day at work, sit for a long time, to spend time at the computer or I'm driving. The reason for this is partially sitting in this position pinch the veins and blood flow slows down accordingly. This provokes and varicose veins, lower extremity.

Training mechanism

The task vein - waste cells and organs of the oxygen saturation of the blood back to the highway easy. Thin veins of the heart and lungs blood from the body cannot cope with this task it helps to the following system:

  1. Venous valves, the veins protrusions representing inner shell, the role of those unilateral actions. Thanks, it is not possible to reverse blood flow enough to work with. You must upgrade your valves because the blood of a fairly large Height, the opposing gravity, the earth, nature has been thought-out the triple venous system. In this way, the load is distributed between the venous systems of the body.
  2. Nov pump. Nov advanced sheath veins bad, so pushing more blood to the heart skeletal muscle thick with easy help. By removing them, squeeze the vessels and the blood passes organs.

- Breaking work, the in Nov load increased as a result of pump and valve, deep vein. Not coping with increased load, which transmits a vein leading role, the veins under the skin, slowly expand, provoking diseases, arrival (arrival).

So, varicose disease of the lower extremity represents a chronic disease that increases the diameter of blood vessels, blood, stagnant them to the vessel wall thinning them visible sites. Varicose veins, veins showing through the lower extremities is damaged through the skin.

Varicose disease prevention

Varicose disease the first symptoms that you should follow simple rules, to help avoid further development in the arrival.

  1. Hot baths, saunas, active solar arrival of the patient is contraindicated. High temperature, low Nov tonus, vascular, provoke, blood and internship;
  2. The fight physical inactivity. Using regular physical activity can improve blood circulation and strengthen, Vienna. Shown for this purpose, swimming, fitness, jogging;
  3. You must have a foot on a chair,, other, because, therefore, sikmakXia veins and blood flow is disrupted;
  4. The fight with overweight. A person overweight and increases blood volume, and the load, the foot, the coupe varicose veins and expanding the road;
  5. You cannot wear socks with tight-linked rubber bands and stiletto heels and tight shoes;
  6. Alternative load, late sitting and standing for a long time;
  7. Easy self foot massage for the legs and do exercises in the morning (only in this case, the lower extremity of arrival, if only a predisposition, but the clinical signs!!!);
  8. More walking barefoot in grass and sand;
  9. Don't overdo it, strong tea and coffee;
  10. Watching TV or reading or place, the top of the foot head. For this a pillow or blanket that you can use the twisted roll.

Varicose treatment

Arrival only lowers the quality of life of sick, but it can cause fatal results. So it is not necessary to run, and it's time to look for the first signs of a disease to a clinic treatment varicose.

Most clinics nowadays that is applied in the current treatments, varicose disease, including sclerosing varicose surgery to avoid providing. Other doctors have the most modern laboratory, as well as new equipment (Doppler Ultrasound, ultrasonic duplex scanning) and effective drugs, in the hands of stunning results in the treatment of varicose veins.

Varicose veins, folk remedies

That can be useful extracts, nettle, Acacia flowers received before each meal and both baths, birch leaves, nettle, burdock (hot).

Treatment varicose veins, varicose veins in the legs, as shown in folk remedies, and only assigns an additional medical expert only after consulting your doctor.

 Chichewa Acacia and nettle infusion

Drug treatment the arrival

The arrival of the tonic in the form of veins of drug use suggests drug therapy gels and ointments. Gain compression stockings and tights not shown in the preparations of action for pinch shrink thin limb veins.

However, the medication completely eliminates varicose arrival in the legs only, which reduces clinical symptoms, disease prevention, thrombophlebitis (an acute inflammatory disease, and patients that require treatment).

In addition to using the procedures your doctor may recommend lymph drainage, then go to edema, improve lymph flow in limbs. It is worth remembering that only about in - effect, this massage won't take long (a month or two).


Varicose of the lower extremities during the surgical intervention everyone. So far, a practical widely practiced in many Clinics for varicose veins without surgery. Sclerotherapy a safe and effective method for most today.

Sclerotherapy - a non-invasive method, a special drug is injected into the affected vein. The resort's top layer, blood vessels, connective causes. A year and a half glued Vienna resolved, take yourself healthy veins transport function.

Research and medication is chosen based on a doctor depending on the condition of each patient. 3 to 6 sessions are necessary to achieve the effect. The result will be visible for 2 - 8 weeks.

Unfortunately, this procedure shows that in all patients, pain, varicose disease. Experienced to consult a physician, wrong implementations of this method may cause rekanalizasyon (blood vessels to restore blood flow) and the effect of this procedure Vienna will be zero.

Varicose veins, without surgery, perhaps the use of drugs in the form of microfoam. This technique is called Foam-form sclerotherapy. Arrive for treatment in clinics and successfully implemented.

In addition, this procedure Ultrasonic Scanner control movement of the needle sclerotherapy accompany application and distribution uniformity, which is using the doctor's drug. The therapeutic effect of the affected and significantly reduces the risk of complications and allows you to achieve beautiful effects arrival in Vienna.

Varicose treatment

During operation arrival

In some cases, the doctor recommends surgery of arrival. There's nothing to be afraid of, today, a similar process flow and postoperative complication occurs very rarely.

Treatment centers varicose surgery are performed using local tumescent anesthesia. During the surgery the patient leave the clinic after the surgery of the head and after 2 hours already. Compared with operations personnel, under general anesthesia, hematoma reduces the risk of this type of surgery provokes not to poisoning. Surgery may be under general anesthesia (sleeping pills).

The surgical treatment of varicose disease, sometimes a few kinds:

  • Short Stripping;
  • Intravascular laser coagulation;
  • Endoscopic delamination.

The most appropriate method for selection is selected, and then a thorough examination by a physician and the required analysis for the shoot.

For selection of clinical value.

Promise: "can't buy Health". However, this claim is certainly not true. When faced with a problem, people search for the help of an expert who will be the clinic for them. And here plays the most important role and the cost of the service.

Service prices depend on skill clinics, doctors, equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

Savings for health and a fulfilling life - not the best choice. Too often other doctors to correct accounting errors experts some health centers. These errors mean an additional expense for the patient, wasted nerves and failing health. For health, it's worth it, the best experts we could do for them.