From which prescribed medication for varicose veins in the legs, varicose and how to get them?

varicose veins

Stretch fabrics which are the main symptoms of a chronic disease, serious arrival of the vessel wall with the formation of venous node. You have encountered a major violation in the output of blood and blood stagnation, and the vascular system.

Drug therapy is an important part in this disease complex treatment varicose. In practice only 9-10% of the sick, the suffering this disease, a surgical intervention. Most cases confirm the arrival of the institution switches to the treatment of drugs.

General treatment strategy

Varicose treatment should start medication as much as possible. In that case, the process stops and her progress. The funds generally accepted long courses, sometimes 6 months as self-therapy and preventive measures in the form of additional component stages before and after the surgery.

Drug treatment of varicose veins, the only possible case rapid intervention is contraindicated.

Drug therapy does not completely remove spider veins, you may be able to eliminate nodes and venous. However, the scheme the authorised treatment, medicines, movement, progress and development of the disease for a serious barrier.


For thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, trophic ulcers and medication start steel your constant companions in the legs, varicose disease of the first symptoms. Even using the help of surgery, only medication.

Group of drugs and their effects

A varicose venous the type of actions that medicinal substances are classified according to three main groups:

  • venotonic phototrophic or tools;
  • the scenes sanguineum drug (anticoagulant) medications depressive adhesion, platelet (antiplatelet agents);
  • anti-inflammatory drugs.

Task enhancing drugs about varicose treatment, vein walls and venous blood flow stability. To solve this task venotonic drugs effective the treatment and prevention of phototrophic necessarily the included schema.

Phlebotomist a medical application developed on the basis of research and proven performance for natural flavonoid – diosmin veins and Hesperia.. This item only protect the cells but promote capillary and lymphatic flow heat stabilized. Particularly effective simultaneous intake, a flavonoid that has both combined medication.

The most common phototrophic tool to get within 2 to 3 months. It is important for the intake flush with hot, time, year time, the vessels load increases due to high air temperatures and consuming large amounts of water. If accompanied by varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, phlebotomist, taking half a dose continuously.

The arrival of the diagnosis of the patient from the beginning you need to get a systematic treatmentto prevent the development of disease and reduce the likelihood of complications.

The second task decision drugs, blood thinners (anticoagulants), and streamlined features that improves the prevention, shaping, thrombotic clots (antiplatelet agents).

Blood clots, their separation and movement of the vessel wall in the direction on top of the venous vessels, heart, lungs, and brain human. As a result, the chance of getting very high, heart attack, pulmonary embolism and ischemic stroke.

Antiaggregants are not varicose veins, and valid as a tool for preventing serious complications – thrombosis and thrombophlebitis. Drugs that can be said, saving the patient a threat to life and minimize disability.

In order to reduce pain, edema, swelling, tissue, venous wall, and the other that uses the symptoms of inflammation non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics.

The most effective tool to the list


Important: arrival phototrophic contraindicated in pill form products to apply first three months of pregnancy, breastfeeding, nutrition, and a special sensitivity Components Reference.

Dose and duration of treatment remedies varicose veins, lower extremity depending on the severity of the doctor calculates the arrival process and history.

Drugs blood thinners arrival

cream arrival

Appointment of antiplatelet agents in the form of injection and pills, fluidity and performance-enhancing by preventing blood clot only makes a doctor who treats. The dosage and the treatment schedule the patient is assigned to only separately.

Such medications such as blood thinners, varicose veins during kurantil, trendyol, pentoxifylline, serious contraindications and side effects. A need for an application to regularly monitor the indicators of blood clots, delivery of INR tests.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ingredients

When such drugs are needed, strong pain, radiating as it progresses, the growth rate in the vascular bed of the river to reduce swelling and other symptoms is an inflammatory process. They suspend process along developing varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and thrombosis dangerous for life.

Dosage and duration is determined not only a doctor, this medicine contraindications and serious side effects.

You cannot

The accounting treatment of arrival time with attention to lifestyle, such as nutrition and exercise activities. Not allowed:

  • active exercise, running, jumping (solved yoga classes);
  • prolonged standing or sitting position for long periods;
  • the application of all medications without your doctor's advice-phlebologist;
  • mandatory for long flights the position of the fixed leg. In addition, sharp that occurs at high altitudes, discovery, blood, leads to the formation of blood clots;
  • admission hot baths, saunas;
  • denied flatly cupping and honey massage, this is the only medical massage for a handmade appearance.

Possible complications

Trophic ulcers cause severe pain, irregular life, work and earning in the legs and inability to sleep due to the feeling of weight and stand for a long time to act.

  • Trophic ulcer complications in the form of the arrival of a self-development and deepen unhealed wounds for a long time. Painful ulcer usually occurs in a separate the tibia, which is often watching the "movie" covering the affected tissue and serous discharge in the form of red liquid.
  • Thrombophlebitis is characterized by acute inflammation of the wall of the affected vein with the formation of thrombotic masses overlying height, in violation of normal blood flow in Vienna. Walk or pain in your feet, hyperemia, the tissue along the veins and compaction, frequently, the temperature rises.
  • Vienna or Gap site causes heavy bleeding, a medical emergency that requires immediate assistance.

Emergency aid, medical help

Necessary to appeal to the doctor immediately, when you see the following symptoms:

  • The affected limb and increased pain, inability to step out of bed or a few;
  • Leather leg hot, swollen and intensely touch.
  • Pale or cyanotic cyanotic skin changing color until painting is red;
  • Sudden shortness of breath, poor weather, sudden sweating and weakness;
  • Diseased skin or bleeding plot destination site.

Necessary medications varicose veins, lower extremity is a comprehensive treatment absolutely must have a schema. Phlebotomist and take a few courses even after the surgery, you may need tools antiplatelet agents to prevent possible trophic disorders, inflammation and complications of on a background it's a disease.

A multi-component arrival the motion of the counter medications combined, has multiple functions. The effectiveness of such medications is more pronounced. Available to ensure optimal care, the right dose, the calculated phlebologistwith Compression Therapy, yoga classes, swimming pool, herbal medicine.