Varicose veins: photo, in the first stage, causes and treatment methods

Varicose veins in the legs, serious diseases of the XXI century. Sedentary lifestyle, the endless rush, no response signals the body resulting in serious health problems.

Varicose disease (or people varicose veins), swelling of blood stagnation because blood vessels under the skin. The swollen veins into dark blue, then purple. Later, the injuries, blood clots, severe leg pain and torture a person. On how to deal with a killer? Let's deal.

What are varicose veins


Vascular pathology known as for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian texts that contain motifs and even mention, is an insidious disease. Pathology develops, blood vessels and peripheral wrong.

Medical illness:

  • congenital weakness of venous walls and valves under the influence of harmful factors, push no longer work properly blood;
  • the output of blood is disrupted, the formed clots, blood clots, venous pressure increases;
  • excessive blood no time gaps, accumulate, veins stretch;
  • move up the surface near the outer walls of the epidermis, therefore, good and they appear under the skin;
  • clots and more affected, more obstacles, normal blood flow;
  • the Vienna "curl" to lose normal view. Blue or dark purple veins similar to a thick rope in the next stage.

The most common vascular wonderful high load because of the foot and the smallest movement when you "sit" or "stagnant" it's a job. Varicose veins affects people different social status.

Professional many people with this pathology is a disease. Win Risk distention, peripheral vessels:

  • barbers;
  • workers in IT-sphere;
  • vendors;
  • military;
  • drivers, and others.


Research scientists then numerous factors provoking swelling, varicose veins, poor circulation, the occurrence of pain, gravity, weak legs.


The primary reasons:

  • pregnancy;
  • being overweight;
  • inheritance. As parents, weak veins? The question of the possibility of development of the same pathology in children, 70%;
  • an innate weakness of the connective tissue;
  • tightening gum, socks or stockings.

Venous stasis which is caused by other factors:

  • long-term computer use;
  • the downside move;
  • wont sit, throwing his legs crossed;
  • you need to carry out for a long time "on their feet";
  • hormonal crashes. The biggest danger lurks in women after pregnancy, the onset of menopause;
  • high-heeled shoes. The effect of a serious burden on the boat heels constantly veins;
  • Frequent lifting, carrying, lifting weights;
  • improper diet, excessive heavy, greasy food, lack of vegetables.

The first signs and symptoms.

Enough to know on arrival. Important all persistent body sends signals to the ear. A wrong lifestyle, lack of disease some time for yourself fast enough.

The veins frequently affected:

  • legs;
  • rectum;
  • small pelvis.

Much less great Vienna:

  • esophagus;
  • spermatic cord.

The arrival of basic symptoms:

  • the sensation of pain in the legs, heaviness, swelling, at the end of the day;
  • burning sensation, heat, filling Vienna;
  • slowly the discomfort is not visible, only after a day's work or heavy exercise;
  • leg cramps in the night and torture people;
  • sometimes arrival just below the knee or foot symptoms appear on the rear surface;
  • that arise sometimes "silly" pain, inexplicable violence, leather touch causes pain;
  • veins gradually expand, fade in, under the skin shows through all net;
  • a "spider veins", veins thick, bent, easily palpable;
  • swelling, ankles, lower legs, and sometimes even great foot;
  • then a person walking, tired legs quickly "yuh,", Nov palpable weakness.
the expansion-arrival

Important! Symptoms in the early stage of the arrival. Why people delay a visit to the doctor? The only missing money, treatment another time, the third – desire. Sometimes all the factors together.

No treatment, the progression of the disease that causes:

  • contained within the lower leg covering skin darken, becoming increasingly intense;
  • in the severe form opens, sores that do not heal for a long time;
  • deteriorating nutritional the epidermis, the skin becomes dry, wrinkled.

Ignite the scene:

  • unbearable foot ache at different times of the day;
  • general weakness;
  • increase heat;
  • breaking from time to time opens a venous plexus and bleeding. This phenomenon is most common in the night.

Possible complications

What happens neglect the treatment and prevention of varicose veins, Peripheral Vascular? Much pain running in cases of delivery patients. Serious complications develop.

The most dangerous option – inability of normal blood flow, development, gangrene, limb amputation (s). Think!

Common complications:

  • thrombophlebitis during the acute phase;
  • flebotromboz;
  • food ulcer;
  • bleeding the affected sites.

Treatment recommendations and general rules

How are they treated, what's the target? Successful treatment depends to a large extent, and the patient's physician, the advice of this relationship. Experienced phlebologist can't without help. This is a fairly rare expertise, try to find a good doctor.

Listen, long-term treatment. The health of the back clear symptoms it more difficult veins, varicose disease.


Basic rules to remember:

  • more movement. To help combat venous stagnation, morning gymnastics, walking, cycling, swimming,;
  • get to work, to lose those extra pounds;
  • to give up heavy exercise, bodybuilding exercises, jumping, running,;
  • wear compression stockings during the initial phase, special elastic bandages;
  • you go often, your feet of Feet a rest with the help of a pillow, took off low;
  • you "engine" blood is a simple exercise. Bend your knees when lying on her back, imitation Cycling a minute or two.

Important! A change diet. Ones blood vessels healthy eating, vegetables, greens, berries, fruits, dairy products, whole wheat bread, drinks enough fluids. Greasy, salty, smoked foods, like doughnuts, with plenty of cheap pasta voice lowers vessels, increases the risk of thrombosis.

Listen to and tips:

  • for long stays, sit down if possible on the feet. Before you start, legs a break .. more info refreshing gel, ointment arrival against disease. Inevitable that drugs will be captured swelling, improve blood circulation;
  • special job-related or driving vehicles computer, stand up every hour on the hour, walk into a room. If possible, more often out of the car. So, the only heir to warn you, at the same time hemorrhoids;
  • note: spend all day standing on my feet in high heels but still – is very harmful. A business to suit you, no matter what for a vacation that will take foot. Clear, and the studs you sit down for at least 10 minutes or walk barefoot. Otherwise, ugly veins on the back of welfare, disease, and heels a good shoe for me to forget exactly imperative;
  • to wear a special bandage during pregnancy, pressure reduction system. Wear special elastic stockings to reduce venous stasis on the advice of the doctor.

Folk remedies and recipes

In the first stage, the disease is successfully treated destination that homemade ointment, compress in other ways -- natural products and medicinal herbs. – Above all, the desire of the patient, regularity procedures.

Varicose veins, folk remedies at home. Tested recipes:

  • foot baths. To relieve fatigue after a hard day by adding sea salt to the water will help reduce the swelling, meat juices, chamomile, peppermint, series, yarrow. The sound of the veins essential oils a few drops of geranium, lemon, peppermint, rosemary. Treatment time – 30 minutes. Water should be warm, close, cool;
  • boiling a compress with sage, yarrow, chamomile, marigold, Mint. Take all the herbs and 1 tablespoon, fill with boiling water and 1.5 litre. Insist 40 minutes, drain. Wear wet muslin of this tired feet. Change compresses at least 2-3 times drying liquid;
  • Lila chestnut tincture and chichewa. Collect and a fresh color, fold-liter jar 2 tbsp. l. all kinds of raw materials, pour a good vodka. For 2 weeks of rest in the dark. Every day, several times a day to clean a foot medicinal tincture;
  • tomato arrival. Substance juicy pulp tomato lycopene, antioxidant vessels. Loop, tomatoes, ground beef, and wrap it in gauze for a mass sheep on your feet. Hold on for a few hours, not less. The easy way: cut the tomatoes, wipe, half a foot from top to bottom. Best treatment varicose nodules. After half an hour I feel relaxed;
  • Apple infusion. You will need the class "Antonova". Slice four large apples and fill it with a liter of boiling water, place them in the yellow pot. After 4 hours the infusion is ready. Crushing fruit. Tincture eat less in the morning and 1/3 Cup in the evening with a teaspoon of honey.

Modern procedure

Middle and working situations using the latest treatment techniques. It is effective:

  • mikroflebektomi (Skin Cover the affected veins are removed through holes);
  • sclerotherapy (veins treatment sick the introduction of specific drugs);
  • laser therapy (laser removal treatment and varicose damaged);
  • thermo-coagulation (the vein that is removed during the procedure).

Preventive recommendations

Doctors recommendations:

  • for a long time to sit or stand throughout the day;
  • periodically sit, or, on the contrary, get up and walk;
  • to follow power;
  • weight control;
  • not to wear, consistently high-heeled shoes;
  • weight remove as little as possible;
  • strengthening the elasticity of the arteries, moderate physical activity, water treatments;
  • buy vitamin preparations;
  • fatigue leg toning Bath every night with useful substances;
  • natural compounds using fresh blood.
laser treatment