Varicose veins, treatment of lower extremity at home

Arrival – this is mainly a disease of women, as such, a lot of continuous pain of the vascular system during pregnancy, after childbirth, and wearing high heels. But the strong half of humanity that you may encounter due to illness, excessive physical load and sport. Besides, drug treatments, and eliminate varicose veins at home. For this a series of effective and simple method.

A suitable heir

Apple cider vinegar

Apple-cider vinegar-the-difference-improve-blood circulation-blood

This product provides the familiar many housewives and significantly improve blood circulation, thanks to the warming effect it's easy. Especially apple cider vinegar helps, if you have a nodule. The product of the foot rub-Mel feet thoroughly after washing. The tool is applied before bed, but two hours sleep to make it even better. After that the patient a piece of apple cider vinegar in the legs from bottom to top. Vinegar relieves the pain and swelling to allow for normal sleep and remove fatigue. The duration of treatment is two weeks, two months, then had to take a break.


Chop the leaves of the plant thoroughly and put it in a glass jar. This should work, paul capacity crushed leaves. Pour vodka into a jar or a quality cognac. Not necessarily for the Bank and put in a dark place tightly clogging a week. Necessarily capacity The arrangement for shaking the waters all of the reflections every day. After a week, you need to use the tool for friction of the foot directly in front bedtime. The duration of treatment 30 days, then a break, six months.

Lemon juice

Needed for treatment to take only freshly prepared fruit juice. The destination should be affected her feet rubbed twice a day, morning and evening. The duration of treatment at least one month during this period, fruit juice possible pain to remove the blue guide and facilitate the patient's general condition.

Attention! While using vinegar should take and only Apple! May cause skin irritation and can damage normal food.

The treatment of varicose fruit juices

Eliminate a disease that must, and will allow the funds from within to achieve visible results much faster and with the use gives. One of the ways of home interior treatment, using the healing waters.


The intake to get results, fruit juices, must necessarily proportional to a product fulfillment. These rates are as follows – 7:4:3:2. Most of the products are fresh vegetables and plants for all required because a large amount of minerals that are protected such as this. We know drinking water is required for three times, and we both know the amount of honey 100 ml. the duration of the treatment after about a month needed a break. The pause between classes at least twelve weeks. Meanwhile, the products, reduce hardening of the arteries and calcification in clean vessels.



Also when cooking, follow the water proportioning that make up 10:3:3. Such a combination provides to improve blood circulation, clean blood vessels, increase the number of red blood cells. You need to drink fruit juice three times a day. In the recipe because fresh beets, can cause a heartburn, a drunk vehicle after 30-60 minutes, the main meal. The duration of treatment by using a combination of fruit juice carrot-spinach-beet duration is 10 days.

Attention! When using water make sure it complies with the dosage, only you will see this). All the drinks that are mentioned to combine with foreign drugs.

Compress against arrival

Yesil tomato

Puree or puree vegetables must be cut into thin slices. Those bedspreads so this should work for all diseased areas the tomato mass. An elastic bandage or gauze Dressing on top of tomatoes and then superimposed the distribution will not allow a liquid out of a tarp. You have to keep such a compress in two hours, wash it out, a little warm water. This can be done two times a day, to get results faster.

Potato peel

Rinse thoroughly to no sand and mud. Then boiled in the shell and cool, a comfortable temperature, impose all diseased areas. As it is the tomatoes, peel completely closed so that it's worth varicose veins. Shell and peeled the potatoes instead of debt, but it will not show that such a fast result. Leg bandage gauze, or any other natural shelter, and not necessarily substance. To withstand must compress all night. Significantly improving blood circulation in a patient after such a procedure to eliminate the symptoms required for arrival.

Alcohol compresses

This procedure should make for the night. all fragrance and alcohol. Pre-patient's leg for better steam, delete them immediately heel smear alcohol or vodka. After that, you need to wear warm socks, it is advisable to wear two pairs or even severe lesions. Polishing using alcohol, go to bed, to get a good result. Such compresses, blue veins improves blood circulation and reduces the manifestation.

Attention! Paths in the data after four weeks of treatment, you will need to do A dec eight weeks and, if necessary, therapy course to spend again.

Tincture for destination therapy



Wiped drug lemon peel 500 g for dinner, along with garlic as well as 150 gr, it also has to be cleaned from the shell. Mass must necessarily be obtained from the Bank and you need to put cam. Three liters of boiled water at room temperature and is poured with material and firmly stick to the amount may cause. The resulting liquid for three days, insist in a room. Necessarily a good shake to get the product substances in a concentration five times the capacity of days ago. Get the required amount of tincture three times with 100-ml, three main meals a day. The duration of treatment lemon-garlic tincture for 10 days.

Carrots at a distance of arrival

For food you need to get the tincture, thoroughly wash the vegetables and a tablespoon of grated rude. A portion poured into 250 ml water herbal hard boiled for an hour under a towel or cap. 200 ml of the medicines you take before the main meal, three times a day. The duration of treatment is 10 days.

Cognac and an Apple

This tool is a tincture, but as the concentration of the substance to achieve a unique blend of cognac and fresh apples that allows you to set up a business that provides the cardio-vascular system. This is especially in the treatment of lower extremity varicose veins. Cognac treatment is very simple. Enough drinking on an empty stomach, 50 grams of alcoholic beverages and immediately his Snack is an Apple. This is a very important meal, and bone, so how exactly significantly that they can provide improve your health. Using this method of treatment for 21 days every six months.

Attention! The course of treatment your doctor recommends control cholesterol treatment as described before and again two times the six months to Dec.

Pets prescription medication combinations

The second-order component, where you can add all the homemade recipes that are described will be treated pharmacy pharmaceutical.

When combined, medication and pet techniques to stick with a few rules:

  • to use the People's recipes in the evening the air they compress or tincture;
  • you can drink fruit juices at any time of the day without the drug of Pharmacy purchase accounting;
  • take pills or any time of the day;
  • pharmacy while using gels, ointments and home, aviation, precision compress to friction among the treatments, it is important to observe a two-hour break;
  • better to make compresses before going to bed;
  • the chosen people and drugs prescription the same active ingredient, dosage,, the cost of refined traditional medicine physician.

Attention! Applied together pharmaceutical and household recipes, the lack of possibility of a real treatment effect, as well as increased risk of unexpected side effects due to mixing different active ingredients.


If facing the arrival, it's not worth it completely ignored the traditional treatment. Can I show you a homemade treatment methods are the actual data only without the use of drugs at the initial stage the development of the disease this process linked to heart disease. In other cases, public methods can be just a part of a comprehensive treatment to avoid more health complications.