Lifting arrival: when you already have an alternative

I have tried everything, and your doctor's report necessary to remove your varicose veins. Don't despair, because real and sometimes surgical intervention is the best way. It's not worth it and just accept it removal, varicose veins, but I have to ask, how prepared and how.

The arrival removal – debunking the myths

Any surgical intervention with the arrival of disposed , we work long pull, to walk, to think, even about him. But unfortunately, the problem isn't going anywhere. Vienna changing the process cannot be undone, and now we start the appointment, the surgeon, and the larger difficulties because the most important destination of us have to face the disease. It can't be to lose him. Dysfunctional junction the wait worth it? What surgeon you go to hinder us?

Arrival lifting

There is a myth this will negatively affect in the future to remove the veins blood. This is incorrect. Obstacle removal of subcutaneous veins is not normal for the body because blood and the veins under the skin in a secure way (that amazes them varicose veins) normal flows is not more than 10% of blood. 90 % venous blood carries foot deep and the alleged connection to Vienna.

Another legend says that this operation is well tolerated by the body difficult lost large amounts of blood and number of long-limiting the incisions heal, move us. But that's not true. So far the progress has gone, and it's not even a tenth as terrible a threat to the working environment to share the pain. Moreover, a common method in recent years, the continuous arrival and removal – without removing any cuts, holes through the skin. Such an initiative, productive especially in the early stages of varicose disease.

So, if there is no surgical indications, don't hesitate, because it carries done it before, to live faster normalization of blood flow and treatment the arrival of of other disorders and complications.

The arrival removal – indications and contraindications

Several indications for varicose veins removal process:

  • a wide arrival:
  • in advanced pathological the veins under your skin;
  • if subcutaneous varicose veins of the feet that accompany fatigue and swelling;
  • output a violation if a person of the symptoms blood heavy feeling, edema, fatigue, foot;
  • accompanied by varicose veins trophic ulcer ulcer;
  • acute thrombophlebitis varicose veins.

However, there are indications and contraindications for surgery. Thus, the operations are performed:

  • the arrival of the disease at a late stage
  • hypertension
  • coronary artery disease
  • severe infectious processes
  • in elderly patients
  • inflammatory processes of the foot, eczema, formula, erysipelas infection, etc.
  • operations expenditure during pregnancy.

In the same way it is important to remember during this process that can be used if you have several medications with allergies or intolerance to any medication, especially protein and iodine, if you are taking any medications be sure to inform your own surgeon.

Arrival passes lifting after the surgery and how what should I do?

The removal process is certainly a simple preparation veins

Varicose veins
  • Take a shower
  • His leg was completely shaved, which action,
  • Before surgery the skin of the foot must be healthy, and lacking any pustular diseases,
  • To make a process scheduled under general anesthesia, the process of cleansing enemas the previous mandatory prescription
  • Come to the surgery, wide shoes and clothes.

Surgery of arrival by car about 2 hours. As a result, surgical intervention, vascular the patient is deleted. Skin scars, post-operative instructions for arrival, almost unnoticed – just 3-5 mm. a varicose varicose anesthesia applied during surgery. In case of detection of a malfunctioning valve in the vein valves bankrupt a correction takes place, with the goal of back blood normal output.

Veins after surgery that requires you to follow some recommendations, the main — elastic engine. After surgery, the patient is recommended to use 1.5 to 2 months for the hours, an elastic bandage or elastic stockings. Advanced recovery features appointed foot surgery venotonic drugs.

Also the first hours after surgery is recommended for C; temperature, elbow, foot, etc. the simple removal of the end of the bed significantly increases 8-10 cm, venous blood. Disease compression stockings varicose ligation is performed for the next day after surgery with the application or elastic bandages, the toes of both feet on the knee joint. After allowing it to go simply ligation. It is recommended to remove the veins, then a light massage, such as Physical Therapy and prevention of thrombosis. About two weeks not busy, aerobics, gymnastics or use the exercise bike, as well as a sauna and a Hamam. Free More required in less than 2 months I had to get stitches elastic motor.