Varicose veins in the legs, males

The legs of arrival, the males usually are ignored. She might be sick, young men and age. According to statistics, every 4 men in the age of 40, suffering, sickness on arrival.

The difficulty is that all male violence is not a disease and leg pain, I feel them and stop the pain. Turning then to the doctor first or in the second stage already when they start in the legs varicose. A special burden of lower extremity in a person's life. Them blood enters veins of the subcutaneous and deep veins and the venous system to the heart притоками many runs.

When the process is disrupted, the venous valves should ensure correct blood flow in the legs being weak. An inverted output increases the blood pressure and starts the blood vessels, the veins wide and starts in on arrival. As a result, spider veins, the blue nodes and the ugly on their feet.

Pain, illness, men, women, according to statistics, men are less. It is possible to frequently come across diseases, vascular changes large blood vessels of the lower extremities, legs, genitals, testicle and groin especially — all this arrival men. The arrival of there are many. Factors:

  1. Errors and Violations of the hormonal system.
  2. Load body.
  3. Excessive weight.

Onset of the disease, such as spider veins are usually thin. It may seem large varicose nodes, the patient will complain of pain Nov and calf cramps, fatigue, foot discomfort. Complaints visible, in the evening, a day later. The disease constantly progresses. Complications варикозе running too heavy.

The pressure in the veins may be high, the surrounding tissues oxygen and nutrients are no longer qualified. Clinically significant darkening and seal, volume, appearance, eczema, severe itching. Disease complications – ulcer трофическая, representation, long-term recovery to a leather patch.

The initial arrival is difficult to miss. Firstly, it is a cosmetic flaw of the disease is very disturbing. An even more threatening disease that is the result of vein thrombosis, heart attack or stroke. Delaying treatment for a long time and experts to go to, the more expensive it will cost treatment for the disease.

Arrival in men must begin to treat immediately. It's important not to give the disease can progress. Treatment delay and be taken seriously if neglected causes of stagnant events and the formation of blood clots, then, major complications arise and thrombophlebitis. Swelling of the skin in places may not appear veins, wound healing, ulcers. Men, then seek medical help, and thus during start-up disease.

Male care less about the cosmetic factor, on the contrary, the severity of the veins to bulge and half pay attention. However, as stated, affect the arrival and the spoon.

Gonads the testes in men to perform two major functions, production, testosterone, the main male sex hormone and semen instead of a function. In other words, a function of Education instead of sperm. The body that has testicles, males, one was put outside. Males of arrival between the legs — what, how, cure, ... before surgery ... on foot.


There's a Greek word that means root and 2 advanced translation in Vienna and neoplasm. Men who suffer from the disease often, in adolescence. The medical world uses non-surgical practice for the treatment of disease, except in extremely rare cases, it is a fact that if you have pain or signs installed недоразвития eggs. To diagnose the presence of a disease such as testicular varicose veins using modern ultrasonic equipment. Does he manage to with the ultrasound examination not only reveals the presence, but at the same time determine the cause. Testicular varicose often cause kidney tumors. Tumor compresses blood vessel, kidney, and veins blocking the flow of blood to the testicle-related veins, kidney.

Causes and consequences

As a result, begin to develop varicose testicular and stagnant blood. Testicular size may increase circulatory health facilities recommended reason. Arrival may occur due to the increase spermatic cord and venous. Arrival that may be of acute pain syndrome.

Thin or explosion due to the arrival associated with thrombosis development, what, why surgical intervention.

The reason is that output is irregular, blood pressure rises, blood vessels in turn cause a significant temperature rise that is very scrotum. As a result, the male sperm and fertilize the produced gland loses the ability to bask in Pera.
Symptoms of testicular varicose

In the first stage testicular varicose for diagnosis hidden flows and is not difficult to be an expert. The secret of early stage disease, without showing himself nothing. During the initial phase, the doctors said our secret. Maybe just identify the disease, an ultrasonic method.

That can only occur over time small, but a noticeable thickening Vienna, you the patient. Almost unnoticeable thickening in the supine position. Therefore, during the early stages of testicular arrival detection, ultrasonic inspection valsalva without example, without practice, is almost impossible.


You need to accept and to accept the body of self-administration can't do with this disease, but today in practice medicine successfully applies, the following treatment methods:


The first method is sclerotherapy into the vein a special drug which sclerosante input. Able obliteration of the vessel Lumen. Manipulation are done under local anesthesia and is virtually painless. After completion, the patient is sent home.


Pressotherapy massage and comfortable to wear the second method is a dedicated hardware to a private compression underwear.

Drug treatment

A third method with drug treatments which achieve, improve blood circulation and venous walls improve the overall situation.


The fourth method, the embolization catheter embolization using a spiral vein of the sleeping input. Spiral in turn inhibits blood flow. The property that holds the body without a single incision sick all the manipulation for this method is the absence of scars on the body and less recurrence.

Entered Spiral, metal and flexible, conductive, love, vascular, hip, right hip, through a hole. Then, empty the bottom and left renal vein. Embolization is performed under local anesthesia.

The fifth method is the surgical intervention. Instead, all previous methods are mainly applied and not when you change the consistency of eggs, if you decrease its size, in symptoms of male infertility and testicular pain increased during physical activity. Today there are more than 100 ways and successfully implemented in an application that is surgical treatment.

fascia elastica

After examination, the doctor, the patient depending on the condition of acceptance, in which case implement the method. Some roads there are tight restrictions on the application of patient, determined, serious chronic diseases.


Which method the doctor stopped, his own choice, to avoid him, it's not manipulation, such as ligation of the testicular vein blood flow changes with the aim. It doesn't take long when completely except for major blood loss, and danger is a contagious infection of the rehabilitation period.

Widely used everywhere recently, a method for the treatment of varicose veins laser coagulation in the blood vessel. Is injected into a vein, and a special light guide to Vienna and soldered from the inside. 2 hours after surgery, the patient goes home their feet.

Compression underwear for men

Wearing compression underwear is one of the ways of conservative treatment. This ongoing surgical treatment as an enforceable obligation. The compression of blood vessels that carries lingerie why not move to certain places, superficial veins, and deep, why, decreases swelling, weight lost feeling in the leg.

Clothing is manufactured by the inner pressure, so that обжимает limb. Manufactured with design features flexibility and power greatly, this intense and обжимает legs strong and thin and at the top the pressure is reduced. As a result, the valves and the blood starts смыкаются, go quickly. Decreases puffiness the relief the patient feels and the severity of missing extremities.

Health, lingerie, especially stockings, is selected, and the circumference of your leg. It is not recommended that she has underwear, buy knitwear изготавливаемое itself, different compression. If an lingerie to buy whose a weak compression will be of a benefit.

And vice versa, when will it happen, foot motor and a properly chosen underwear very пережимать, the risk to a large extent, damage to health.

Варикозе used, typically 1 to 3 highly effective underwear. May be different in shape. Socks, tights and stockings. This is important to make an effort to dress up lingerie. Measured in various diameters and the selection of the long horizon of the upper compression the graphic was smooth.

Of lingerie that you can buy without a prescription doctor 1. class for a preventive purpose. Use underwear could be quite healthy for people, however, throughout the day, due to circumstances that is experiencing a significant burden. Compression socks, preferably the dress and to stay dry edema in the legs missing until morning, fever, night in the home environment.

Static load preferably people related to the profession of knitwear pleasure. These barbers, vendors, teachers, surgeons. Sweater usually during the athletes that use excessive physical exertion.

All relevant measures already existing compression underwear with the treatment if you have varicose veins is impossible. Lingerie increases the quality and decreases the percentage of possible complications prior to the surgery just. The feeling of heaviness in the legs and reduces swelling.

Knitwear in the postoperative period need to apply. Knitwear private hospital there. When buying compression Socks for the necessary attention that is sold as a product.


Prevention, arrival, simple and usable. You need to live a healthy life, walk, swim, save a stable weight, wear comfortable shoes, preferably with orthopedic insoles, do not smoke. Exercise is necessary for a reasonable alternative. Harm the health this news a sedentary lifestyle or excessive loading loads.

In either case, the risk of variceal getting there. Sitting in the back of his leg all your favorite men's harmful. Nov preferably to keep toning, contrast shower, a bath of abuse, a sauna and eat right foot will be held in men and risk of esophageal, zero.