Where to buy varicose veins and treatment

Normal blood vessels in Nov help him because it's easier on the heart contraction. But gravity has not been canceled, logical, fluid will tend to a way down. Prevent this blood was coming out and there where I need them, there are valves in the veins. They open and keep closed Dec blood flow to her back.

Bad runs and when the valve is not closed down until the end the blood again flows in his veins. Cannot fit all this blood vessels, the skin tense and to start moving on the hill.

The detected heirs

Symptoms of varicose veins usually can be seen with the naked eye. This large, swollen veins may appear similar under the skin and nodules.

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Any Vienna, obviously — ill. Though a common disease, sometimes visible blood vessels — this is just a feature of the body.

There are no external symptoms on the outside of there arrival, and the other symptoms are: pain and feeling of heaviness, leg.

When the disease progresses to a stage of expenses more severe and added:

  1. Stop or edema of the ankles.
  2. Discoloration, on the skin of the affected Vienna.
  3. Skin infections.
  4. Ulcers. Overwhelmed with veins visible everywhere. Is difficult to heal.

Doctor (phlebologist engaged in the veins) throws examines patients vessels ultrasound: an ultrasound can identify with blood clots in the veins with valves, which won't start.

The more dangerous the arrival

But the pain and the wounds are no fundamental problem. Another danger with the naked eye did not detect it. Because of the blood vessels blood clots a blood clot in an intensive internship. For them to "stick" his head come off and adheres to the vessel wall and narrow the light and the blood of other veins, increasing the risk for clogging. This situation is called a thromboembolism. This can be very dangerous and can cause injury, even death.

What causes varicose veins?

No reason why it would be arrival. But a few factors that increase the risks:

  1. Genetic predisposition. Without a genetic place, and the pain of varicose veins a mother a probability to get its heritage.
  2. Paul. Female patient arrival more often are male. A research of the heirs found that 63% of women and 37% male, Russia.
  3. Injuries and surgical interventions. They disrupt the blood vessels valve.
  4. Excessive weight. For him the load increases, the legs, and this leads to problems.
  5. A great physical burden. Static load especially dangerous. For example, sitting or standing and a lot is harmful. Better move, to force the body to change position the different work Nov.
  6. Age. The older, the weaker vessel walls.
  7. Pregnancy. More load increases the risk of arrival and the changes in the body.

More varicose veins

Vienna mostly boils down to reduce the treatment load and re-blood. Threats and unpleasant symptoms if blood clots, no treatment is necessary.

Physical load

Light exercise, especially walking, is a good way to force the footwork, how they should be them. The muscles decreases continuously, walking up the auxiliary blood pump, the heart and the thin stagnant phenomenon.

Moderate exercise — this is better (and only) proven method of prevention, on arrival.

In the distance, the arrival of great self massage symptoms (creams or ointments that you can use along with him). A simple exercise that requires a movement — just lie down and raise your legs and reduce swelling.

Compression underwear

Compression stockings shrink a little leg, the veins swell and allowed the primary methods of treatment for this physically on arrival. Wear them and the mild form of the disease and heavy.

The power to change a form of compression underwear. So consult a good doctor before you buy and consider his suggestions.

Note: You will need to throw the underwear is stretched so that the pressure gradually after a few months to buy new socks.


The doctor prescribing any medication. Sometimes money, preventing blood clots, it is sometimes necessary to treat infections antibiotics or creams to help soothe and irritated skin.


In some cases, shows an operation — this is the most effective method. Modern spending and operations with laser, radio frequency, method, or the proximity of sclerotherapy under local anesthesia.

Meaning, as close to this method, the affected vessel. That does not work, is a great place to find a solution short of blood-healthy heart and the deep veins, rarely exposed to your arrival (these are thicker and stronger, stretch easily).

Today it is extremely rare and only in severe cases the veins of the ancestors.

When to visit a doctor

If you notice, every time, vascular grill, Vienna or strong bulging swelling in the legs. This need not to self medication. To determine if compression will help you to examination just to go to the pharmacy, linens and drink is blood thinners.