Varicose veins legs treatment how quam

Spider veins, varices swollen bloated quam Vienna seems to be knotted, I know, probably all. So to talk about during an illness, to be veins.

A quam varices veins elasticity is reduced and, as a result, they expand. Type in the veins inside a valve, regulating the blood flow working heart from the lower extremity. This "door" is working properly if the problem does not occur. In this case, the violations of its functioning and thriving quam varices. A motion blocking valves closed, stagnant in the veins that brings blood to the heart. Naturally, the pressure increases, and elbow deep in blood, the thick veins are thinner vessels of the skin proximity. These veins are not suitable, resulting in a nodular amount of blood in the system, on their walls, not just the stressed out, but I still don't.

The result of this process is noticeable on the skin spider veins make the best of them to represent a serious aesthetic problem. As the disease progresses, a thin, weakened veins more pronounced, and thicken the blue color characteristic nodules visible to them in a short period of time.

The reasons quam varices

There are many factors, from time to time an increased probability, that a particular person is hurt quam varices:

  • Genetic inheritance – mom or grandma quam experiencing with varices, can be a descendant of "get", the Vienna special structure (connective tissue weakness, flaw, valves, etc.); preventive measures continuous compliance and then, most likely, that will surely sooner or later the patient's diagnosis "quam varices"on their feet.
  • Hormonal fluctuations, women who were frequently exposed to them (menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, etc.) and describes explicit sexual selectivity disease; also, drugs and hormonal quam boosts risk varices treatment – scientifically proven, female sex hormones and their helpers that are included greatly reduces the flexibility of venous walls.
  • Nervous disorders, stress, depression – this reduces the sound of blood vessels, t. elasticity, their walls are full of nerve endings and is adjustable.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (more common in women) may cause a hormonal imbalance that only this process, but is still a talented damage the small blood vessels.
  • Lack of physical activity, sitting for long periods because of a person's life in Vienna provocantes, broken blood circulation, gradually reduced venous tone walls, and, finally, the blood starts, sluggish, and varices occurs with quam (they came to the doctor today even a special term – computer quam varices, so big, the number of patients, the disease which was the cause of a sedentary job for flickering monitor).
  • Lifting weights attributed to them excessive physical activity, excess weight, pregnancy, work, varices long-quam; as a result, the pressure rises, blood vessels, and varices quam facial appearance.
  • Flat feet.
  • Wont be anytime and anywhere "flaunt" wrong high heels.
  • Constipation, increased pressure in the abdominal cavity.
  • Injury and disease.
  • Paul – as mentioned above, the risk is higher in women who have varices quam.
  • The structure of the body – quam more likely to suffer from varices usually is, I mean the growth of people is above average.

Quam varices symptoms on feet

Quam varices symptoms, characterized by slow progress. Immediately when clear signs are found, not in the first stage, the disease manifests itself:

foot varicose</1_img> swelling of the feet, especially after a long day, is located in a sitting or standing position, often goes away on its own, in the morning coping with their responsibilities at the first sign of Bad vein;
  • cramping and numbness, in the legs, especially as this symptom is often night and morning;
  • Weight the sensation of stinging, itching and leg pain, especially characteristic for the second half is coming;
  • the first visible signs of spider veins and characteristic red and blue stars, great, the difference is the skin.

When first squeezing the alarm signals it's not worth visiting PhD. As is well known, in this first phase of the best treatment for any disease. Sufficient reason for your own symptoms to treat the sick and the thought was ignored, talented, through, then, waiting for him features such as:

  • darkening of the skin seal and shin: visible stains and peeling;
  • Vienna indigencia Imperium and become painful;
  • Nov which increases the density of severe pain during the walk;
  • view on the skin in the lower legs and feet protruding venous node.

If it's not a good cure, and will be assigned at this stage, waiting for the inevitable, a conversation about the patient's serious complications will go a little later.

When you go to the doctor?

Symptoms, appearance, absolute indication for treatment as an emergency doctor. Them applies to:

  • trayecto with a sense of weakness and, in a sense, the lack of oxygen;
  • sudden acute leg pain, compressed, visible burning sensation;
  • tractus initial fears and doubts the caller plot.

This is how is it diagnosed?

A definitive diagnosis may be the only doctor – флеболог any vascular surgeon. It is recommended to consult first with an expert and the alarm signals of the body. Of course, the first research testing and procedures applied by the patient survey. To confirm the diagnosis and then get the maximum information on the nature and the severity of the disease, you may need to the following procedures:

  • The arrival of ultrasound – in the process, not only a determination of research status quam varices, but still if you have results about how it is done in the direction of blood flow, clots and tumors, estimated download veins;
  • intravaginale contrast – very accurate and informative research method, which according to the results of the most complete opportunity to assess the state of veins; conducted this survey by bringing a contrast material into the human body, the blood of the colorant.
Both of these methods can be changed. Therefore, the least invasive, ultrasound is the preferred arrival recently. The arrival of ultrasound</2_img>

Quam varices more dangerous?

There are about one aphorism varices quam created by physician, Disease, foot, стреляющая heart." Really, this is not a disease, just an aesthetic problem problem and доставляющая снижающая quality of life. In the absence of a medical emergency serious complications varices quam full of skilled help, until death.

So, the results can be quam varices on feet:
  • thrombophlebitis – associated with the disease of veins, inflammatory processes affected by flow;
  • bleeding;
  • an eating disorder tissue;
  • increased pigmentation;
  • increased varices quam – is not only dangerous, but also health and life-threatening complication.

Frequently used separately, that is to say "спутнице" quam varices, ulcer трофическая on their feet. Increased pressure within the veins venous insufficiency and why her appearance lasting use. It's not often these injuries for a long time to heal, are very difficult to treat them ill and even limit her why and possible disability. Painful swelling, pain, and even an unpleasant odor, making the patient's life is extremely heavy. Why traffic ulcer, varices, pain, and even encourage people quam minor injuries and bruises, just Escape is impossible. In the meantime, sometimes (in rare cases) these lesions malignant tumor of the vampires in the conversion process.

Quam varices on feet treatment

Quam varices treatment depends on the feet in the first place, in the development stage, is a disease. The question is in the first stages of the disease, complications and irreversible process declared itself yet widely used conservative treatment, cure without surgery, which may include the following procedures:

  • Drug treatment – the subject about a tablet (venarum, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants) and the local media, i.e., all kinds of ageoproductline.
  • The wearing of special elastic bandage or alternatively leg socks pressure treatment antioxidative multivitamin.
  • avarii – ovarii is made with the device, it activates blood circulation and improves the texture and traffic, as a result, unpleasant symptoms varices quam decreases and disappears.
  • Sclerotherapy when it is performed without its removal of the affected veins. During any surgical scalpel, special blood flow that is injected into a vein amputated, there is a remedy, as a result, the ship gradually diminished and lost. At this rate, you may need a session for a year, but the effect sclerotherapy value.
  • laduree, which is one of the modern techniques of laser photocoagulation local anesthesia, you can guess the result it's already a month.
  • Leech – this is a non-traditional treatments based on custom quam varices feet as leech – blood of the earth, they produce a substance in the skin of the patient and the next phlebologist ; however, today, this you can do without the leech – on the shelves of pharmacies, many drug-containing tool.

Expansion vessels varices prevention quam

In the prevention of varices quam attention should be on the feet for the people risk groups: representatives of the relatives who to this disease the pain of certain professions (teachers, barbers, etc.) overweight people, pregnant, etc.

In the first place, necessary to lead an active lifestyle. Sports (swimming, Cycling), Hiking prefer the "stand-up" travel, public transport, lifting, etc the stairs instead of the elevator to their own floor.

Ones vocation you have to spend long periods sitting or standing in a position, attention to the following recommendations:

  • A long-standing a foot better from time to time, the movement of her toes.
  • Office workers, day of the conductive screen TV, Computer, put the legs of the table is significantly improved, it is recommended to periodically output the position of the blood vessels of the lower extremity.
  • A small foot that has the ability to reduce dangerous pressure; at the same time with him a very long to perform basic exercises.
  • Simple enough exercise, the periodic rise of the Prophet's foot, promote blood flow up the leg muscles tension increases.
  • At least every hour for 5-10 minutes to get rid of the need for a chair, and a little knead.

Quam is not used only for underwear compression varices treatment, but its prevention. So, for example, if a person is in such pain this disease during pregnancy, on a bus or train journeys long-term flights and in the process of wrapping the elastic bandage socks or delight him a good leg exercise.

The same problem you must avoid even the most mild has already declared is as follows:

  • intake of oral contraceptives (the hormones they contain, talented, can make the situation worse);
  • wearing high heels;
  • excess weight and obesity;
  • eating salty, oily and spicy food;
  • transport heavy bags and suitcases (which are now very popular wheeled Luggage);
  • wax;
  • hot, long Bath;
  • saunas and baths;
  • alcohol, cigarettes;
  • self-treatment.