Varicose veins in the legs,

Varicose veins in the legs

Dilated veins of the lower extremities exposed women and men. There are various methods of arrival legs treatment — conservative, surgical, or the public. To get rid of the problems required the beginning stages, birth, the disease process.

Visible varicose veins interruption of the apparatus under the influence of the cover work. Randomness provokes blood flow, congestion, stretching, arrival and subsequent symptomatic results: weight-in the lower extremities pain syndrome, seizures at night.

The first signs of a diagnosis requires training, and the target an appropriate option to treat a disease. Treatment depends on the process and neglect the overall body condition.


The only people unacceptable and homemade treatment methods — lower extremity amputation for complications of a disease without professional help the need quickly to lead up to.

Conservative methods

In the first stage, pathology, treatment Accept of arrival using the local media, gels, creams and ointments. Methods of treatment of the disease home for them. Drugs veins lower extremity of the affected area and apply twice a day. Medical tools is divided into independent sub-groups:

  • Anticoagulant — solving in the veins there is help to get rid of the effect of backwater events.
  • Natural component composition tools, including horse chestnut, binbirdirek mAh. Butcher, melilotus officinalis. With their help children get rid of fatigue and lower extremity pain syndrome during transport, strengthens blood vessel walls.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs — that will allow you to get rid of established thrombosis and thrombophlebitis of men and women.
  • With a hormonal composition tools have antihistamine, anti-inflammatory an array are exposed to.

Treatment of lower extremity veins in a comprehensive manner that can be the arrival of the expansion of drug treatment .. etc. Basic tools — injectable solutions, pills and capsules. The result is that you want to import men and women and you can do with a curable disease:

  • Phlebotomist — treatment, which means increased blood circulation, blood flow, improved blood vessel walls of the lower extremity.
  • Krovyanistay tools — let that occur to get rid of blood clots, boost low volume, blood circulation, the biological fluid in the veins. Treatment only the doctor to the police station with a warrant.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs — to help get rid of pain syndrome, the low, swelling, tissue, Compression underwearreduce platelet aggregation indicators. Health personnel under the continuous control of the treatment.

Expanding lower extremity varicose veins are less sensitive than men, more women. Feature a hormone related women carrying a child in this period the restructuring of the body, during menopause.

The appropriate method is considered a disease heal wearing compression underwear.

Socks, stockings or tights help to get rid of swelling, pain and fatigue in the lower extremity is in the House. The pressure applied to the custom linens, the damaged veins are the result of a deficiency of necessary to implement effects. Manufacturers have many models available for both men and women treatment the arrival.

Modern methods bezoperatsionniy

The impact of the arrival of methods and tools over time has become easier and in most cases pass outpatient, at home. If necessary, the admission process takes a few days for the patient to quickly return to her familiar in such a way that it's a lifestyle.


During a special medicine to protect against the possibility of manipulation .. etc. — sclerosante, they glue him a drink. After a while, troubled Vienna disappears, redistributed blood and healthy blood vessels.

Four that are used during a single procedure, injection, drug, etc. The number of Sessions is determined the degree of growth of circulation, grill, lower extremity. Manipulation of the foot compression underwear, then dresses. Patients you have to walk the next five hours. The possibility that blood clots in the deep veins will also feature. Necessary through the engine the next calendar month.

Pathology treatment — so get rid of varicose veins, blood circulation, stabilize, cut it short, I have the feeling, cramping, fatigue, and fast attack. The resulting pigment stains will disappear over time and movement therapy.

Method guarantees long-term treatment effect. Successful treatment is a result of a lifetime. Approximately 25% of the challenges for the full recovery of arrival. Basic symptomatic sclerotherapy suppresses disease symptoms, but does not cure the problem it is.

While the treatment method banned the use of the following indicators:

  • sclerosante high sensitivity;
  • currently, treatment with anti-inflammatory and hormonal ways;
  • various degrees of obesity;
  • pyo-inflammatory diseases of the dermis, or lower limbs while running cellulite;
  • pregnancy and thrombophlebitis.
During sclerotherapy sclerosante input

Sclerosante treatment without surgery positive characteristics are presented:

  • it shouldn't be happening in the hospital, retaining a lifestyle is usual for the patient;
  • receiving the results of the treatment immediately after surgery, no snow formation;
  • the treatment with minimal discomfort;
  • get rid of ability and the arrival of multiple vessels at the same time.

To treat the negative aspects is characterized by the inability to get men and women to obtain the largest effect on the results of a lifetime when you are troubleshooting the original source of illness. Room service wearing only underwear, with or without compression, the problem provokes a hygienic manipulation.

Radio frequency coagulation (ablation) arrival (RC HK by rfa)

Method for varicose veins coagulation is applied with RF waves in a country that lately. Applied for treatment a special catheter introduced through a puncture of the large veins in the dermis, saareval drink them. The result is monitored using sensors in the processing procedure technique.

Health, comfort, and method are presented:

  • at least uncomfortable sensations;
  • short-term operations;
  • short-lived period rehabilitated;
  • scar absence;
  • low rates, possible recurrent disease — more than 10%.

Disadvantages by Urfa see: burns, skin, thrombosis, inguinal reflux and the view bubbles.

The postoperative period of their terms:

  • The first forty minutes of compression socks after the surgery. All specified time the patient walk to prevent the formation of blood clots. A special underwear is worn then a mandatory two-week walk an hour every day.
  • The patient is not recommended for heavy items, Sports, Action, bike, exercise, erect exposed for a long time in the gym. Visit within the scope of the Forbidden, baths, steam rooms, saunas — the problematic lower extremity any exposed to high temperatures.
  • A few days later an operation is performed, scanning, vascular ultrasound to confirm a result that is obtained.

Laser treatment

The effect on the beam or damaged varicose problematic veins. Through a method that does not require surgical incisions: a special staple puncture was introduced in Vienna. Following the problem area overlaps with spasm of the arteries, circulatory system and the connection is gradually changed with the exception of Vienna fabrics.

The screenshot higher than the level of impact a treatment sites to allow you to get the final result equal operation instructions veins.

A process is regarded as a safe option that provides the most therapeutic and less traumatic to get rid of varicose of the lower extremities.

The operation continues for about half an hour recovery time takes at most four hours. Local anesthesia application, authorization, assignment method, other options for patients is prohibited. After surgery, the patient leaves himself, and the clinic is willing to return to the workspace.

Positive therapeutic laser include:

  • the absence of the cut — the result is a memorable cosmetic effect;
  • minimum transaction — complex manipulation options takes an hour at most;
  • an accelerated post-operative period: surgery hospital, requiring does not have business activities;
  • method, produced under the control of the ultrasonic instrument that improves the quality of treatment, the possibility of postoperative complications is low;
  • Laser treatment
  • hematoma after surgery missing.

Disadvantages methods are as follows:

  • the price process;
  • keeping the damaged veins large diameter require surgical incisions;
  • major blood vessels, the bloodstream, it will heal in time and again.

Surgical treatment

Varicose blood vessels in the skin requires radical operations — phlebectomy. The Delete operation fails, the skin, skin inflammation, rash or wound surfaces. Continuing the operation is approximately two hours. After that a small scar in the dermis remains. — five millimeters.

The method proposed by the following indications:

  • traffic skin lesions, lower extremity;
  • pathological arrival;
  • defeat large varicose;
  • if you are having problems with free motion, in the blood vessels.

Many patients have successful treatment method, a radical anomaly, but the remaining scars after the surgery and the process takes a long time from the final list of preferences.

Home treatment

Public methods of the direction of arrival in Canada the legs of the home includes the tools, local and indoor use. Treatment can be done at home:

  • Flowering horse chestnut — 50 grams of herbal poured half a liter of alcohol and insist for two weeks. Daily capacity should be shaking violently. After 14 days infusion three times daily before meals, a tablespoon of crept and consumed. Can cure the disease, a week to take a break after 14 days. After relaxing, the disease can be cured again.
  • Dried nettle — density bales of chopped dry a thermos of fresh brewed leaves of the plant raw material, chop half a litre of boiled water. You can withstand half an hour, get a filter and a third Cup three times a day, an hour later eat.
  • Yesil tomatoes — chopped dressing ingredients and all food plots are laid in the fruit at the arrival, advanced medical bandage from above the lock. Keeping compresses the lower extremity in more than two hours after her change, fresh. The manipulation of three are allowed for daily use. Provide a method of treatment of daily uninterrupted vacation.
  • Walnut — unripe fruit is crushed, the shift in a glass dish, poured olive oil. Medicine .. etc insist in sunlight for forty days. The finished tincture, and lower extremity fat problem areas. The duration of treatment depends on the speed of getting rid of the clinical symptoms of basic diseases.


Along public roads of Canada and of treatment to get rid of lower extremity, varicose only the first symptoms of the disease.

Before and after treatment

Before and after treatment


Therapy, pets, people, tools and processes that can provide a disease medicamentul improve, develop, lower extremity, relieve pain syndrome, rapidly progressive, fatigue, seizures, and problems, free motion walk.

Ugly blue veins disappear swollen foot. This will remain any, just off things. After the operation, the patient get rid of the relaxation of the methods of the public and pharmaceutical etc and our full question, at the end of the second week.


Setup should be used to speed up pressure of knitted underwear, will elect a. for the physician in the form of legs and a small evening walk perezagruzit not load them.

Homemade methods with the affected limb for the treatment of male and female, regardless of age. Experts is first displayed when the circulation grill, professional help — the disease is captured in time without the permission of radical surgery procedures.

Only public methods with impossible at home treatment varicose Turkey — a comprehensive treatment, including formal tools and combined them with a type. Do not be afraid or minimally invasive radical surgery — all aimed at improving the health status of its formation, preventing complications.

Maximum information types of treatment, the percentage of success and duration in the postoperative period, the phlebologist will County. According to the data of the doctor made a diagnosis, the reactions of the body treatment. Following the treatment time for the treatment of the problem the people that will not give opportunity for local media or minimally invasive procedures. Heavy as it passed over the disease, excision of varicose veins affected male and female means.