The arrival of benefit and harm during the run

Varicose veins, lower extremity – complex and unpleasant condition, but this sentence is the usual approach to life with a mind treatment. Of arrival during the same run has the right to exist, but just by observing how a series is one of the important conditions.

I can buy a destination to the foot of run?

arrival during a run

The defeat of this pathology develops in the legs veins arrival, invisible for years and decades by making negative adjustments to patient health and opportunities. Him unpleasant or painful symptoms, which includes discomfort to the patient the delivery of a complex set of daily life, and, first of all, this heavy feeling, leg.

Additionally, many patient complaints and symptoms such as swelling in the legs inner feeling, burning, and even at night calf cramps and inflamed caused by the fact that the blood vessels continue to expand Nov.

This most difficult symptoms such as, swelling, soft tissue work active after a full night in the middle of the length, therefore, to talk about you running arrival limbs, only in the morning, time, muscles, blood vessels and tissue-rested and fresh.

As for now, exercise is actually jogging: jogging is prohibited during arrival, but it is not allowed certainly, all of them, ultimately, the opinion of the physician.

The expert must take into account the status of all settings, including the patient's weight (to the degree possible, obesity), function, respiratory and cardio-vascular system, the degree of the lesion of the venous network and other similar factors, and just let it run to arrival – full of autonomy in the name of any complications that may be sick.

How it can be useful during a run arrival?

Varicose disease of the lower extremities during the running itself not sure it will help: struggling with this disease in a way to achieve the result of a long effort by applying surgical and medical.

On the other hand, received the approval of the doctor, cohesive because the positive effects of physical activity for this breed, it is quite obvious pathology and the patient's general condition.

For example, regular jogging in the mornings contributes:

  • to strengthen the heart muscle;
  • feet and them the blood;
  • extreme weight loss load that creates a lower extremity;
  • strengthen skeletal system;
  • blood oxygen saturation;
  • activate, immune strength of the organism.

No wonder health experts running all the way I believe stronger, improves overall tone and mood, therefore, you can find at the amateur level who engaged a similar structure, you can expect a speedy recovery, he has a current disorder.

Evaluated the effectiveness of balance and render effects on the body equal to, for example, more private ski running, swimming, non-suitable for anyone, so of arrival almost all of the run.

Perform the technique cross-country exercise

A complex network of venous condition in the legs cannot be discounted because when you are creating the right approach for activities and jogging plan, Price Information, and for jogging jogging and on arrival, they complement each other compatible.

Better to build on this knowledge, doctors and coaches, help to get the optimum load, for each case separately, keep track of both the status of the patient.

You need to stand on first speed and distances: running is the best escape, calm down, slow, or medium) coating and embossing by choosing the tempo, the short distance on a flat. The next class has already proposed a time like 20 minutes of jogging necessary to give effect to health.

You need to consider a few other important parameters:

  • your maximum heart rate during the load to 120 beats / min, and distance we should check on him along;
  • run better on an empty stomach in the morning to get out on hot days by selecting at a time like this, in which the weather warmed yet;
  • the frequency of individually selected, but in the initial stages, a more limited three-four occurrences a week;
  • a small sign, fatigue or excessive voltage (general or leg) should be cut without any problems accommodation load and, putting aside the experience the next time.

Attention! Many doctors today, I believe, regular running, the first symptom of the disease – Rotten skin and gears – that can stimulate the development of varicose veins and veins, or at least to reduce the effects recommended, so, engage them as a preventive measure.



Shoes should coordinate with your doctor, specialist, diseases, foot, up to date models and types or which is better to wear patients.

Any large, heavy or hard (hard) sport shoes and sports footwear strictly forbidden because they are sick, it will be difficult to escape, and instead I was tired and so overwhelmed and energy that fill a typical home arrival.

Selecting running shoes, their stylish appearance and no need to aim, structure and materials: it should be soft shoes, orthopedic insoles with genuine leather sewn mandatory is provided.

It is important to note that not least, to provide its existence such as clean air and a well perforation swelling feet ankles calves and low temperatures contribute to overheated.

Running contraindications

Busy, directly running is not much contraindications: first, you have to change only this obesity a body mass index of 25 running on an active walk. The same applies to patients with bone and joint disease, which consists of very sudden movements and negative effects.

Pathology of the cardiovascular and respiratory system you should consult a doctor to determine the allowable load, but in this case the conditional course acceptable as prohibited or objectionable. Finally, instead of running track in the gymnasium the street which would be better mechanized, the patient is the area of coordination or vision problems.